Castles in the Sky


Kids love to build sand castles at the beach on a beautiful summer day dont they? I know that when I watch a 5 year old sitting immersed in the task of building the best castle they know howits the demonstration of pure in-the-moment focus.
Butlook closely, when the 5 year old builds sand castles on the beach he or she first has to provide a solid foundation for the sand in order for it to become the sand castle they envision--and this is the lesson we ' as adults need to remember.
My clients often report to me that theyve read all the books, listened to many different tapes and even practice yoga, meditation or tai chi in an effort to improve how they live, work or play. Ive practiced many of these same things too and in the endas terrific as they all are ' and they are really great ' I found something was missing.
It took me a while to figure it out but eventually I realizedI made the mistake of building my own castles in the sky ' meaning I didnt really have a solid foundation to work from. I wanted the immediate best result without doing the work to build the foundation. Castles in the sky are great ' they are the dreams that keep us all in a hopeful frame of mind but castles in the sky without a great foundation to hold them up will cause the castle to be on shaky ground because there is no foundation for it to sit upon. This leads to frustration and sporadic results.
When I say castle in the sky I mean thinking that going for the home run swing without building the strong foundation of a baseball swing will consistently work in the long run. It wont. It means trying to drive a golf ball 300 yards without building some kind of solid foundation of the mechanics of a golf swing which can consistently maximize your resultsand thinking that it will work over time. It wont. It means thinking that being positive because you read it in a book will help you be consistently positive in your life ' when youve been negative for a long time out of habit and personal conditioning ' and thinking that it will work in the long run. It usually doesnt. This is the reason 90% of my clients say that the quick-fix tips dont last and why the same 90% say their results do NOT match the time, effort and money they invest.
Did you notice the one consistent word in each of the examples above? Hint: its the word CONSISTENCY. This is the problem with building castles in the sky without a solid foundation. The castles might look great in our minds eye up there in the sky but here on the ground, we dont have the consistent experience wed like. The reason we dont have the consistent experience is because we didnt build the solid foundation first--a foundation we could rely on time and time again. This is why the phrase castles in the sky is really the ideal name. Certainly, its wonderful to dream and engage the power of imagination toward your goals but without a solid foundation to work from; they can remain off in the distance.
Reach for the stars, build your castle and at the same time build the foundation within yourself that allows you to reach for those stars and dreams.
You can build a foundation in two ways. One involves the application of a very real and mechanical idea. A writer builds on the foundational principles of great story telling and then the creativity soars as a result. A golfer learns the foundation of the mechanics of the golf swing and can then learn to be free and creative on top of that. An actor learns the mechanics of the art of acting and then takes that into whatever role he or she plays and a dancer creates amazing performances because of a strong set of dance mechanics that support their incredible creativity. In all instances ' it is the solid foundation that allows the performance the freedom to flourish.
The second type of foundation is really beyond the mechanical foundation described above and it is really the MASTER BUILDER. It is the foundation that exists inside of you ' the power you have within you to generate results. Building this personal foundation is not about mechanics. It is built on your awareness of the controlling forces that drive what you think, feel and do. This personal foundation generates your strong passion, excitement, intensity, the actions you take every day, your level of confidence and all the other so-called intangibles that we all know are necessary to experience success at any level.
This is the BIG X FACTOR. This is the untapped world that so many of my clients didnt realize existed for them. The irony is that it always existed. It exists right now and it always will. Your outer results will always be a direct reflection of your inner foundation or inner game. There is no avoiding this truth. You can deny it but like the law of gravity ' any denial of it doesnt change it one bit. So ' you can see that building your castle without this foundation puts you in a tenuous position. This is why it is named, castles in the sky. Every great performer in sports, the arts, or in any other field comes to learn this at some point. Why wait?
Keep the pictures of your castle in the sky as bold and as bright as you can ' and at the same time build your foundation and you will soar higher than you ever imagined.
As always ' To Your Best Golf!

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