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The way to get the most out of the elements that make up the mental game is to realize they function via very precise and predictable cause and effect laws. You may be wondering, What is a law and what does this have to do with me playing better golf? The answer is: everything! The term law is used to refer to a:
Universal principle that describes the fundamental nature of something, the universal properties and relationship between things.
Dont let the term universal principle throw you off because these laws are very precise, predictable and logical. The Performance Principles are called laws because they reflect the fundamental cause and effect nature of the relationship between the mind, body, emotions and your performance. Being aware of them is important in helping you perform up to your true talents. For each effect or outcome; there is a cause and youll discover it begins with you.
Look at it this way...the golf swing is a function of a cause and effect process as well. When the face of the golf club is not square it affects the flight of the ball. When the club moves toward the ball on an inside line or outside line this affects impact angle on the ball as well. We understand cause and effect when it comes to the golf swing but we dont stop to think that there are mental cause and effect principles influencing us just as precisely. To clarify even further what I mean by law lets look at a practical natural law you are influenced by every day. Its called gravity.
Most people agree gravity is a natural law. What goes up comes down. Since gravity is a natural law, it operates the same in New York as it does in California or anywhere else. It also operates the same for Tiger Woods or Annika Sorenstam as it does for you. This is precisely why its called a law, because it functions the same everywhere and in all situations. Heres the key: gravity operates completely independent of your opinion of it. You can disagree with it, resist it, deny it and even think it operates in some places and not others. The truth is the law of gravity exists no matter what you think or believe. Toss a pen in the air and it will fall to the ground as a result of cause (throwing the pen) and effect (falling down). It doesnt fall because you want it to or because you hope it will. It falls because the law of gravity exists. It just is and arguing with it, denying it or ignoring it doesnt change it at all. The key question is:
Are you using these laws to help you perform your best?
Most clients enter the FlowZone program thinking they will receive a lot of tips and strategies along with the usual breathe and think positive advice. Of course, we utilize strategies and tips but ONLY AFTER the principles and laws are covered. The standard procedure is usually to identify an issue and then apply some tips to hopefully overcome them. Unfortunately, this quick strategy approach completely ignores the cause and effect relationship of the mind, body and emotions and when the quick fix tips dont work it leaves the golfer to wonder why does this keep happening to me? When something doesnt work, its usually followed by another search for a tip that hopefully does work! The quick-fix approach also removes you from responsibility for what you create. When you cut yourself time and time again; band-aids only cover up the cuts; they dont prevent you from getting cut again do they? This is what the quick-fix does. It covers things up without addressing the root cause factors that create them in the first place. You dont have to take my word for it. The proof of this cause and effect relationship is all around you.
Lets look at a very common experience people have at the golf course. Lets say youre at the driving range preparing for a round of golf. Youre striking the ball beautifully feeling calm and comfortable as you go through your warm-up. Then, you move to the first tee and for some reason you dont feel as comfortable and take a swing that is less than ideal for you. Its a different golf swing than the one you took at the range! It lacks confidence, rhythm and relaxation (has this ever happened to you?). Why? Do you think this is just an accident? Its no accident. If I was using the quick-fix approach Id suggest that you try to be more positive when you approach the tee next time (something Ive never asked a client to do in 20 years!) but that does not help you clearly see the internal cause and effect process thats creating the negative experience in the first place. Both your experiences, at the range and the first tee, are triggered by the same cause and effect relationship and YOU caused it! It was not the circumstance, the weather, your playing partners or the change from driving range to first tee that caused the problem. It was your mind.
When you truly understand the incredible power of the mind and how it triggers emotions and actions to literally create your experience at any moment, you see that it all begins from within. Your thoughts at the range were very different from your thoughts approaching the first tee and as a result; you had two completely different experiences (we cover this in more detail later). While others wonder why the first tee continues to cause their poor golf swing, you will know that the first tee has nothing to do with it. This shift in awareness sets you free to play your best.
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