Chase the Dream Not the Competition


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Everyone has a dream. For some, it remains buried under a lifetime of experiences, stories and rationalizations. For others, the dream lies closer to the surface and beats a constant reminder of what is possible yet it remains in the distance. For others, the dream becomes a reality.
Whatever your dream is, a great philosophy is to begin chasing the dream and not the competition. This is wise counsel for all of us no matter what the dream is. Look at some of the most famous names in sport such as Magic Johnson, Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, Roger Federer, Annika Sorenstam, Chris Evert or Martina Navratilova. They all had a dream and they chased that dream. They all became tops in their field and even if part of their dream was to become top in their field it is still important to remember that getting there is most often a result of focusing on the dream and not the competition.
What happens when you chase the competition instead? This usually means that you will become distracted. When you become distracted your mind is divided and so is your focus. Focus on the competition and you make them more important than you. While this might make sense to your intellect (which is always looking for something to latch on to) it is a very UNWISE thing to do. In fact, the Wired to Win program that all my clients take part in ' teaches three things. The are:
Wisdom Simplicity Flexibility
All my clients are intelligent but dont realize how unwise they can be. Is it wise to focus on the competition? No. Is it wise to sabotage your own game? No. Is it wise to make poor decisions even though you have experience that proves otherwise? No. Yet people do these things all the time. How many intelligent people do you know who continue to sabotage themselves and under perform on the golf course or in life?
Wisdom leads to simplicity and simplicity leads to flexibility. All of them lead to the freedom to be your bestunder any conditions. Its about real change.
The notion of chasing the dream and not the competition presents a challenge. Its about keeping a delicate balance between competing and wanting to win while at the same time not focusing on the winning or others you compete against. Sureyou know they are there but it is important that you continue to chase the dream and not the competition. Doing so allows you the opportunity to demonstrate your best without hesitation. Let the competition focus on the competition ' you are wiser than that ' youre busy chasing the dream instead.
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To your dream!

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