A Clean Slate


What does the phrase, A clean slate mean? Imagine a blackboard or a white board sitting in front of you in a schoolroom. The teacher writes on it using chalk or a marker and when the board gets filled up with information what does the teacher do? The teacher picks up an eraser and wipes the slate clean. After its clean they have the option of filling it up with new information.
Believe it or not you have a mental blackboard in your head. You are the teacher and the information you write on your blackboard will affect every shot.
How much better would you play if you could erase negativity, reactions to poor shots or other sabotaging factors from your mental blackboard? Think of your mind as the blackboard in the schoolroom. When you hit a poor shot or have a less than desirable outcome you write on your blackboard the same way the teacher does in the classroom. How? You write in the form of your thoughts, images and negative reactions. These appear on your mental blackboard and if you dont wipe them clean they will stay with you causing you to under perform. What you write on your mental blackboard will affect your train of thought by causing it to go down a negative trail and can affect your emotions and physical tension levels. Defensive backs in football call this slate cleaning process, selective amnesia. This means they literally choose to forget or ignore a poor play or when theyve given up a touchdown pass to the offense. They understand that they must go back out on the field and do it all over again so it is important they go out with a clean mental slate to be open and ready for the next play.
The clean slate approach is crucial to golf. It will help you wipe away any negativity that might carry over from the last shot and prepare you to be more in the moment on the next shot. Here are some suggestions to implement the Clean Slate approach. Try one or a few of them to see what feels best for you.
  • Remember that you are the teacher and you are responsible for what you write on your mental blackboard

  • Imagine an eraser moving from the left side of your head to the right side. This eraser wipes away any negativity that exists on your mental blackboard.

  • Repeat phrases such as, Im wiping this shot clean from the blackboard or The next shot is a clean slate and Im focused only on that

  • Place new images and words on your blackboard. Your blackboard is like a blank movie screen and you get to choose the images and words that appear on it. In your mind, literally see the positive words and images on the blackboard
Remember, you are the teacher and you can write the same old thing on your mental blackboard or begin to write new, more exciting and motivating things. Its up to you!
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