Dare To Be Great


Do you perform up to your true potential on or off the golf course? Do you know how good you can really be?
There is much written about peak performance these days. Corporations try to figure out ways to have people perform at a higher level and be more productive. Athletes are always searching for ways to get the edge and improve their games as well. Some are obsessed with mechanics and others are not. Either way, the effective use of inner mental, physical and emotional energy has a great impact on performance. The drive to be great also comes from within. It is a natural human drive to want to excel in some fashion. Some people are more competitive than others to be sure. However, I believe that people have an innate desire to continue to learn, grow and improve themselves no matter what they are doing. How each person defines success is a very personal thing. I think its natural to want to be very good at whatever we choose to do. This innate desire is what gets triggered when we observe others doing great things. Think of any stories, documentaries or films that have meaning to you. They could be stories of personal triumph like Lance Armstrong. They could be great success stories like Tiger Woods or great films depicting people or groups that overcome like the films Rudy or Hoosiers. Why do these things impact us the way they do? These stories trigger something thats already within us. They trigger the strength, courage, desire and connection we have to overcome or be great in our own lives as well. These feelings already exist within us or the films and stories wouldnt trigger them!
Daring to be great means breaking beyond limits. We all have limiting beliefs, perceptions and attitudes that are often unconscious and that hold us back. These unconscious tapes play out very automatically unless we decide to break the pattern. Golfers, like other athletes search for ways to be better, break beyond limits and reach their potential. It can be done. Here are some ideas that can help you dare to be great!
Increase your Resilience Factor
In every one of the stories, films or documentaries mentioned above there is one common theme. That theme is: RESILIENCE. Resilience is defined as:
  1. The ability to recover quickly from illness, change, or misfortune; buoyancy.

  2. The property of a material that enables it to resume its original shape or
    position after being bent, stretched, or compressed; elasticity.
Look at anyone you admire for who they are or what they have and I believe their ability to be resilient played a major role. Daring to be great and perform at your highest limits requires the state of resilience. It is important to learn how to recover quickly, adapt to changing situations and view the round of golf as a journey that ebbs and flows.
Check out what you tend to say to yourself. What are the kinds of thought streams you have? What you say to yourself is very important because the power of words/thoughts has a tremendous impact on performance
Create a Vision
While many athletes (and non athletes) know about visioning and imagery, many of them dont formally practice it. Visioning is one of your most powerful tools because when you create a vision you involve the whole body. Visioning sets the stage for action and change. Can you imagine yourself great? Try it and notice what happens in your body.
Take Action
To break limitations or be great it is important to take action every day. What do you do each day that takes you toward being great? Daily rituals, practice habits are ways to start acting great in order to be great.
Everyone Ive worked with over the last 20 years had a desire to be better, to improve themselves and to allow their best to come out. It takes a good plan, insight/awareness and a good practicing of the plan. It can begin with a dare. Do you dare to be great?
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