A Day at the Beach


Ah yesthe beach. A lot of people like to relax at the beach on a warm summer day. A good book, warm sand under your feet, the sound of the surf nearby and the worries of the world melt away as being on the beach creates a wonderful experience. However, for many golfers, life on the beach is not so pleasant when facing the prospect of hitting a golf ball out of the sand. All of a sudden the idea of being in the sand takes on an entirely different meaning!
For some golfers facing a ball in the sand triggers:
The result of fear, doubt and indecision is a golf swing that is tentative and lacks trust. Like all other difficult or specialty shots, hitting the ball out of the sand requires even more trust and claritynot less. Golfers who experience fear, doubt or indecision may end up slowing your swing speed which can cause you to blade the shot or simply move the ball forward just enough to land in the sand again.
These factors, fear, doubt and indecision all occur in the mind and often have little to do with talent or any other factor. The shot simply triggers some people to automatically feel uncomfortable. In order to be more comfortable in the sand, spend more time in the sand! Really. Get in the sand and work it out! Get clear on the proper physical process to hit out of the sand so you can remove indecision and then spend time in the sand hitting shot after shot no matter how many times you fail. Every failure is a step closer to success so go for it!
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To Your Best Golf!

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