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The following is an excerpt from the introduction to an upcoming insert in a national publication. From the Introduction....
What if I told you there was a fast and easy way to achieve greater confidence, present time focus, enjoyment, clarity, playing your best golf more consistently and any of the other common traits people look for? What if I also told you that you could experience these changes without spending a lot of energy or time? FlowZone Golf is a revolutionary approach that will show you how to do just that! Over 95% of my clients believe their current results do NOT match the time, effort or money theyve put into them. Why? Because people simply arent looking in the right place for the answers they seek. They continue to believe the answers appear in the tips that show up in books, magazines and other resources that offer nice sounding theories and concepts. Even though there is plenty of information on the subject of peak performance and sports psychology my clients report that they remain frustrated over time because real change is often sporadic at best.
While the information contained in books and in the findings of research studies is all great, 90% of my clients report, they tell me what I should do better and how to cope with whats NOT working rather than show me HOW to create something new! The traditional approach is based on the notion that you are broken and need to fix something about yourself and therefore focuses on that. This is simply not true. You are not broken and you dont need to fix anything. Ive discovered the best and most consistent way to get what you want is to go directly to the source. There are fundamental, unchanging Laws of Human Potential and Performance that ARE the source and they always will be. To avoid them is to avoid the most powerful resource you already have at your command. There is nothing to fix, there is only using these powerful Laws to get what you want instead of what you dont want.

The FlowZone Golf philosophy is simple:
You already have the tools you need to excel.

Do you believe that? Whether you do or not, it is easy to prove that the cause and effect performance Laws undeniably influence all of us regardless of age, gender, personality type or skill level. They are in play no matter what your level of education, social status, where you live or any other factors you can think of. In other words, there are no exceptions! Because of this; these insights will positively affect anyone who chooses to use them properly. Whether youre a 30, 20, 12 or 3 handicap, professional or professional wannabee, the Laws are already working to produce positive or negative experiences and outcomes and they always will. The Laws and insights are direct, relevant and clear and their impact on your game is easy to see because you dont have to believe anything on face value.
The proof these Laws are already affecting you will be found in your personal experience and this is all the proof you will need. Because your experience is the best teacher, you will quickly discover that these Laws and insights are not based on my opinion or personal concept or theory, which removes them from the equation. Your experience is all the proof needed. This is a very different conversation from the usual approach when it comes to peak performance or Sports Psychology. I am not going to ask you to believe anything because a research study proves it or because a so called guru says its important or because somebody elses success story means you should be successful too. These are all wonderful things and can be great motivators and reminders in addition to your awareness of the Laws and insights but on their own, dont necessarily help YOU play better in the long run. The FlowZone approach is an easy three step process.
First, raise your awareness that the Laws exist by knowing what they are and how they function. Second, see how they are affecting your game right now which proves their impact on you and third, use the very same Laws (because you cant change or replace them!) to create new opportunities to get out of your own way and soar toward your true potential. Whether your goal is to break 120, break 100, 80, to perform better in competitive events or even make a professional tour and earn a living (and stay there!); you can perform UP to your potential more often. I often tell clients, Nice theories and concepts come and go but the Laws never, ever, ever change! They are ALWAYS in play.
Are you ready to soar?
NOTE: Thanks to all of you who requested more information on the FlowZone Golf TeleSeminar. It will be sent very shortly. Weve made it easy and cost-effective for anyone to take advantage of the FlowZone Approach and all you need is a telephone. Whether you live in a golf-friendly climate or not, this course will benefit your game. To receive a PDF by email, please contact us at info@theflowzone.net with flowzone golf in the subject line. The pdf details the program, benefits, length, tuition, etc. All Golf Channel readers will receive a substantial discount.
NOTE: Those who were interested in The Key To Your Life TeleSeminar will receive a pdf with detailed information shortly. This program focuses on the same Laws of Human Performance and Potential plus a more intense focus on life. health, abundance (wealth), happiness and self-expression. Participants are from all walks of life, athletes, business, entrepreneurs and the private sector. Special discounts are available to The Golf Channel readership as well. If interested in learning more detailed information please email: info@theflowzone.net and write Key in the subject line.
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