Do You Dare Dream


I'm a big fan of dreams. Unfortunately, dreams are our first casualty in life--people seem to give them up, quicker than anything, for a 'reality'.' -- Kevin Costner
All of my clients; whether professional or amateur have some kind of dream when it comes to playing golf (or in any other arena). Professionals dream of winning tournaments, making it on the PGA or LPGA tour while others dream of not only making it but being highly successful on it. Amateurs may dream of winning local tournaments, breaking 100, 90, 80 or 70 and some golfers dream of playing great golf and thoroughly enjoying themselves while playing a game they truly love. Dreams come in all shapes and sizes and it doesnt matter whether you are a highly skilled pro or an amateur searching for your swinga dream is still a dream. Your dream is just as important as anyone elses.
Kevin Costners quote illustrates something that many clients experience. They have a dream and yet the flame is often doused due to some kind of reality that seems to contradict it. In short, they let the past dictate their future making the road even more challenging.
What is your dream? What steps do you take toward it and are these steps really getting you what you want?
'The easiest success measurement tool is a simple question. What did you do today to move forward? The easiest project plan on earth is also a simple question. What will you do tomorrow to move forward? At the end of each day, document your success and design your next move.' -- Rich DiGirolamo
Here are some suggestions:
  • Be clear on your dream
    Dreams are more easily achieved when you are clear on what you want. Just like being clear over the golf ball is more effective; so is being clear about your dream

  • Be aware of your saboteurs
    What are your obstacles and what are you doing about them? We all will encounter some obstacle or bump in the road so be aware of them when they happen.

  • Remember; the past is only the past
    This is where many dreams get dropped. If you allow a past track record to be a true indicator of your future possibilities then you make your road more challenging. The past is only an indicator of what you need to do in the present and thats all it is.

  • STOP doing the same thing and expecting different outcomes!
    People often laugh at this common expression because they know its true but they continue to do the same things they always have and expect different outcomes! Stop, look and take a reality check on yourself. Is what youre doing getting you what you want? The majority who answer that question say, NO! What about you?
Your dream is yours and is something to take hold of and build upon!

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