Enhancing Your Success Factor


Success on the golf course means different things to different people. Some consider their round a success if they play bogey free golf. Others consider it a success if they shoot a shot or two below their usual score. Some others feel its a success if they dont throw a club into the lake. Success is very different for each of us. The pros focus on their success factors as well. Is it always score that defines their success? No, not always. When Tiger has a tough round he can feel he is still a success because he stayed with it and tried to work things through without giving up or giving in. Learning how to bounce back and be resilient in the face of adversity is often a success factor when the score may be less than optimal.
What does success on the golf course mean to you?
There are many forms of success that occur during a round of golf and they must be acknowledged rather than ignored. When you are able to acknowledge them you are directly affecting your confidence levels. The pros are always looking for something to feel good about. They do this for a reason because finding something to feel good about creates a powerful and confident message and memory. Golfers who seem to only find problems tend to be the golfers whose confidence can be swayed more easily. They seem to always notice whats not working in their game and then they think about and talk about it. Finding problems is easy; looking for success factors might take some effort.
Here are some suggestions:
1. Check out your Expectations
Are your expectations reasonable? Ive found that amateurs can have unrealistic expectations without it being based on actual experience. If you normally shoot a 94 and expect to shoot an 84 you may set yourself up for disappointment causing you more tension and stress than you need.
2. Focus on Enjoying Yourself
When is the last time you played a round of golf and decided to focus on truly enjoying yourself? Try it. Make your enjoyment a personal goal for the next round you play. You can consider yourself to have had a very successful round at the end of the day.
3. Make note of your Recovery Moments
Do you hit the right shot at the right time? Do you make a great club and shot selection even when you want to do something else? Do you recover from a series of poor shots and unlucky bounces? When you do these things give yourself credit. Youll tend to be more aware of them if this is on your success factor list. Would your round of golf be a successful one if you recovered from adversity well? Make it a priority and notice how successful you feel!
4. Talk about your success factor moments!
Rather than lament on what didnt work; focus on what DID work during the round. Look for those moments and talk about them rather than repeating the same old negative story. Your words have a tremendous impact on how you feel and the memories you take away from the course.
To Your Best Golf!
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