Enough about mental game already


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Are you as tired of the phrase The Mental Game as I am? I know it sounds funny coming from me because Im in the business of helping golfers play their best golf and people call me a Mental Game Coach.
Heres the deal, though. The problem is; the phrase Mental Game carries a lot of baggage with it. Even though every golfer I know believes its important, they dont really do anything about it because everything they see or read is repetitive and in most cases obvious. Isnt it obvious that being positive and confident are good for your game. Sure it is ' so why go pay somebody to tell you what you already know? Im with you on that one. I wouldnt pay anybody to tell me that stuff either.
So, I say enough with that stuff already ' and thats why I dont do it. In my 20 years as a Performance Consultant to players just like you ' Ive NEVER made the suggestion to be positive, confident or anything of that nature.
Now ' whats the point to all of this? The point is that your results on the golf course are DIRECTLY LINKED TO WHAT S GOING ON INSIDE OF YOU. Thats right ' the outside is a direct result of the inside ' always! Andyour results on (and off) the golf course are governed by a set of undeniable, provable Laws that are already running the show and always will. There is no getting around this. Its as true for Tiger as it is for you. And--belief and acknowledgment are not factors. Whether you believe the laws or acknowledge them, doesnt actually affect whether they are true or not. They are still running the show. Think of it this way; does your belief or acknowledgment of gravity have any affect on whether gravity happens or not? Of course not. Gravity functions regardless of what you or I think about it. The Laws that govern your results function with this exact kind of undeniable reality.
Theres a benefit to you and your game by learning and then using the Laws ' you will automatically begin to demonstrate confidence, positive energy, optimism, relaxation, present time focus and all the other things that make up being your best. In addition, you become a better student as well. This means that when you work with your teaching professional he or she will have an even more positive affect on you because YOU are clearer, you take in the information faster and demonstrate it more quickly. All of this happens because you are more open, receptive and you process what your pro teaches you more quickly. Everybody wins ' you, your pro and your game.
People, even teaching professionals, talk about the mental game as if its separate from their regular game. Where did that idea ever come from? Let me let you in on a secret; ITS NOT SEPARATE. It never was separate. You cant separate it from your game. It actually IS your game. Many people are so caught up in mechanics that they are blinded to this truth. Even how well or how poorly you produce your mechanics is a product of what youre doing inside yourself. Im not suggesting that mechanics arent important ' of course they are but take a closer look. Whats going on inside you while in a lesson or on the course (trying too hard, trying to control everything, anxiety, nervousness, etc. ) will dictate how well or how poorly you demonstrate your mechanics; and all of that is going on inside you first. You know its true and when you apply the laws and principles you become an even better student and this is why your results can improve that much more.
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As always, to your best golf!

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