A False Positive


Positive thinking is better than negative thinking, right? I think most people would agree, yet for many golfers the negative reaction seems to be more powerful than the positive reactions.
John, a 14 handicap currently works with his local PGA professional on a regular basis. He enjoys working on his game and trying to improve each season. John believes he is a positive person but still realizes that he can be very negative on the golf course. He continues to try and say positive things to himself as much as possible. Thats great! I said. But it might be a false positive I told him.
I think everyone knows that positive thinking is better than negative thinking, right? Of course, being positive is extremely important, however John fell into what I call the: False Positive Trap. This trap occurs when we think were focusing on the positive (and we might be!) but the negative continues to have greater intensity for us. What do you react more intensely to; a positive outcome or a negative one? I asked John. Definitely negative he quickly responded. Here is the key. In fact, 85% say they respond with greater intensity, more criticism and harsh judgments to poor shots, poor decisions, missed opportunities; i.e. negativity than they do to positive moments.
What about you? What is the intensity ratio between positive vs. negative intensity in your game?
Be wary of the False Positives. You can try to be positive but if the intensity of the negative reactions is stronger; they will be your experience more often than not. Its the intensity behind it that makes the difference.
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