Feel Like a Winner


Do you treat yourself like a winner? Over 85% of my clients answer this with the words, sometimes or not as often as Id like.
What does a winner feel like? You can feel like a winner no matter what because feeling like a winner is a choice you make. Many of my clients dont feel like winners as often as theyd like because they allow their outcomes to determine whether they should feel like a winner or not. Since outcomes tend to change from situation to situation, feeling like a winner also goes up and down with their outcomes. This results in self-condemnation, self-criticism and heavy handed judgments like, I should be better than this, I never hit that shot well and I always make that mistake. Whats wrong with me?
Feeling like a winner ' like everything else ' begins from within. Here are 3 suggestions:
1.Decide to feel like a winner first
People who feel like winners choose to feel that way before they play a round of golf. They realize that its important to feel good about themselves as individuals and then take this feeling into whatever they do. This allows them to separate performance outcomes from their personal choice to feel like a winner. They dont wait for something good to happen to decide to feel good ' they feel good first. Feeling good is a choice and is not predicated on anything else.
2.Dont let outcomes dictate your self worth
Winners realize they are not their outcomes. People who let their outcomes dictate their self-worth find that it fluctuates up and down because outcomes fluctuate. If the outcomes are good; they feel good. If the outcomes are bad they feel bad. This makes playing a round of golf (or anything else) very difficult and certainly takes away from the enjoyment factor. How can you enjoy yourself when youre constantly walking a tightrope like that? You are not your result.
3.See the big picture
Winners dont get stuck hanging on to one shot, one hole or one round because they have learned to keep an eye on the bigger picture. They understand that their journey will bring ups, downs and obstacles as a natural part of the process. This appreciation creates an inner sense of well-being because they know that situations will always come and go and therefore they dont have to be stuck on any of them. Chip Beck, who endured several years of frustration and disappointment, never took his eye off the big picture. Through all the ups and downs, the struggle and the sacrifice, the big picture was never far from view. He always led me to believe that he expected to play golf at a high level again.
Decide to feel like a winner today
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