Five Myths About Peak Performers


You have the same mind that a peak performer has. The Performance Laws and Principles apply to you as well as they apply to them. Here are five myths commonly thought about Peak Performers:
Peak Performers Try to Control Everything

Here is where peak performers outshine others. They understand the PARADOX of performance. They realize that over doing and over trying actually interfere with their ability to play better. When you over try, over think and over control; you reduce your effectiveness. Combining toughness with the ability to relax, let go and trust is the ultimate state of the peak performer. It is the state of NON-CONTROL that creates a natural release of their talents.
Strategic Tip: You can only control one personYOU! Take note of how many things you try to control. Let go of anything you truly cant control. A high need for control usually means a LOW confidence level. The higher your confidence the less desire you will have to control other people, places or situations.
Peak moments only occur for Peak Performers

Really? Peak performance can occur for anyone at any time. Sure, peak performers come closer than others but they practice the habits that induce it. You can elicit peak performances by practicing daily habits of focus and relaxation, trusting yourself more and learning how to remain calm and relaxed. This has nothing to do with skills. It all begins within!
Strategic Tip: Use your powers of Active Imagination to see yourself performing the way you want to. Your body doesnt know the difference between fantasy and reality so see it the way you want it! Write down your experience of what it was like when in the zone and take note of what you were thinking, feeling and doing.
Peak Performers Induce Peak Performances On Command

When you witness a great performance by anyone, an athlete, entertainer, musician or actor, does it appear they are struggling or forcing it? I doubt it. Forcing a performance when youre not playing your best simply does not work. Playing your best under these conditions requires a commitment to focus, solid preparation, believable mental game plans and a commitment to compete no matter what.
Strategic Plan: Top performances are released not forced. Create a believable mental game plan, a performance plan and prepare with effective routines. Demonstrate your routines during the performance at all times and continue to trust that you have what you need.
Top Performers Dont Need A Coach

The best never make it there alone. They understand the importance of having people around them who help foster success. As the old saying goes...Even Michael Jordan needed a coach. So does Tiger Woods or any one else you can think of. The best have someone behind them supporting, pushing, and driving their success.
Strategic Tip: Are you giving yourself the best chance to be successful? Is what youre doing getting you what you want? If not, seek the wise counsel of others who can help.
You Must Have Years of Extensive Training to Experience Peak Moments

Anyone can experience a peak performance. When you know the mind/body/performance principles and follow their laws of operation you can raise the level of your performance and do it more consistently.
Strategic Tip: Always foster faith in yourself. This occurs by following through, committing to sticking with routines, preparing smartly and reduce personal judgments and criticisms.
You already have the tools to be a peak performer no matter what your current skill level. It all begins WITHIN!
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