Five Reasons to Improve Your Mental Game


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Did you know that the greatest piece of golf equipment you own has nothing to do with the clubs in your bag? It is the most underutilized piece of equipment we have. What is it? It is your mind.
Golf is a game that is played on a five-inch course...the distance between your ears. - - Bobby Jones
The mind remains the greatest yet most under-utilized tool in golf. All the greats who have ever played or who play now know its true.
I asked 250 golfers of all levels from pro to amateur how important they believed the mental game was and how often they formerly worked on it and:
  • 95% said the mental game is very, very important
  • 12% actually formally worked on it
    There is clearly a gap here and this gap is the reason that so many golfers tend to under perform. I then posed this question, If you never took another lesson or did anything different to improve your game, do you believe you could score better than you do right now?
  • 85% said, Yes
    This supports the theory that, when golfers truly develop their mental game and learn that there are fundamental Human Performance Laws and principles that affect everything they do; they can finally learn to get out of their own way, as so many clients wish to do. Here are 5 important reasons to consider learning how to use these powerful principles in your favor.
    1. To play UP to your potential more often
    Golfers who do choose to develop their mental games and understand and apply the consistent Performance Laws see results. Not only can they lower their scores but they feel better doing it and this breeds real confidence and trust. Unfortunately, the higher majority of golfers spend a lot of time and money on things that dont directly address the most powerful tool at their fingertips (90% of my clients tell me that quick-fix tips dont last).
    2. You Can Stop trying to fix yourself: Youre NOT broken!
    Most clients come into the FlowZone program with the idea that they are broken and somehow need to fix something about themselves. They quickly discover this simply isnt true. You are not broken and dont need to fix anything. When you work on your mental game in the proper way, you see that being broken is an illusion which only made improvement more difficult and less fun. When you learn how to put your mind, body and emotions back in sync, you will perform better.
    3. You can stop trying to attain the zone
    Many clients enter the FlowZone program with a goal of entering the zone state more often. When I hear this I tell them, The zone is not a good goal so drop it right away. Why? Because the peak zone that most people talk about shows up and leaves on its own timetable. Trying to make it happen actually moves you further away from it. If youve every tried to do that; you know exactly what I mean. By developing your mental game properly the first thing that happens is, your awareness level rises dramatically and you are able to reach a higher performance state more consistently. As a result of this and application of the Laws and Principles, you raise your performance baseline and when the peak zone shows up on top of that; you run with it.
    4. Greater Clarity
    Being clear over the golf ball has a tremendous impact on how well or how poorly you play. When you truly understand the undeniable connection between the mind, body and emotions you discover not only why its important but how to do it more often. Most clients believe they are already clear over the ball but soon discover they are not. Developing your mental game should always involve learning this process.
    5. Reduce mental, physical and emotional tension
    Tension is a golf swing killer. In fact, more poor golf shots are hit because stress and tension cause us to tighten more muscles than we need for any given shot. Mental tension (doubt, run on mind, negativity, lack of clarity) produce emotional tension (frustration, anger, fear) which then produces physical tension (grip too tight, clenched jaw, legs, arms and facial tension) which produce poor golf swings. When you reduce this tension your game improves.
    The FlowZone approach focuses on fundamental principles of Human Performance and Potential and influence you regardless of your age, gender, personality type or level of play. There are no exceptions! The e-book mentioned at the top of this article reveals the greatest secret to help you achieve more of what you want. To learn more please click here.
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