Forget the Numbers


Where does your game stand right now? When I ask this question to most golfers their response automatically leans toward the numbers of the game. They say things like, Im shooting good scores but I can shoot lower or Im pretty good off the tee but I need to work on my short game this year. I give up too many shots with poor chipping and putting and it frustrates me.
In fact, when I ask clients if they reflect on their rounds afterwards many of them say, Yes and they immediately turn to what I call the numbers of the game. They pull out their scorecards and review fairways hit, greens in regulation, number of putts in the round and so on. Were overly focused on the numbers arent we? Numbers, numbers, numbers. We live in a very number oriented society and we are taught to look at the numbers as being the ultimate indicator of where we stand. Are we twentieth, tenth, fifth or first? Are shooting 105, 95, 85 or 70? Its all about the numbers right? Wrong. We look at the numbers as if they are the significant key when in fact they merely reflect something more important.
Consider this; numbers are most often an indicator of how well or how poorly we used our tools throughout the round. The numbers, in and of themselves are sign posts on the road telling you where you are. They dont tell you how you got there, how to stay there or how to get there more effectively. They just tell you where you are. If you dont look behind the numbers you may miss the most valuable information.
Julie, a 16 handicap is a very numbers oriented person and highly analytical (as many golfers are). She is always looking at her numbers and using them to base her decisions on what she needs to work on in order to lower her scores. I asked to see a copy of her self-review of her last two rounds. What can you do with this information two weeks from now? I asked. I dont know she replied. I guess I can use it to see what changes Ive made and compare them. Is that all? Yeah, I guess so she said. Do you have any real idea what produced these numbers? What do you mean? Julie asked. I mean do you know the thoughts, feelings or obstacles that took place during the round? Julie stood quietly for a moment and realized she couldnt really answer my question.
Getting away from being locked into the numbers is a challenge for a lot of golfers. We believe the numbers contain the answers were looking for when they really do not.
Here are some suggestions to help you look behind the numbers:
Identify what you were thinking
On a great day or a not so great day reflect on what you were thinking during the round and just prior to some specific shots. This provides you with information your numbers cant reveal to you.
Focus on the feelings
What feelings did you generate on your best or worst days? Notice the differences in your numbers when feeling good and confident versus those days or shots when you didnt feel good or confident
Identify your negative obstacles
This is something golfers miss when relying on their numbers to give them valuable information. When golfers play a mediocre round the first thing they think of doing is going back to the driving range to straighten out their swing. When they go to the range and hit the ball better they might think, Why couldnt I hit it like that on the course? They leave the range with a better swing and a false sense of security because they have not addressed the source of their poor performance. Identify those moments where negativity, fear, doubt or any other limiting belief kicked in and it serves you more effectively because THAT is information you can use.
To Your Best Golf!
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