Getting What You Want Part 2


In part one of this three-part series I wrote about why so many of us have difficulty really getting what we want. Now with the new year, this historically a time when people think about new possibilities and opportunities to change their circumstances and/or improve themselves. However, its also the time when the majority tends to let their New Years resolutions fall by the wayside.
Keep your motion moving forward with todays article in which I want to address the importance of FOCUSING ON WHAT YOU WANT whether its on the golf course or off it. Most of the clients I work with are clearer about what they dont want than what they do want. For example, lets say I gave you $5,000 and you spent it all in one afternoon. Everything you bought was shipped to your home so when you arrived that evening it was all there waiting for you. Then, upon arriving at home you looked at what you bought and said, I didnt want any of this.
Then why did you buy it? This all sounds absurd, right? Why would you spend $5,000 on things you didnt want? Well it is absurd but this is exactly what we do to ourselves. We pay attention to what we dont want and then when it shows up, were disappointed!
Gerry, a 9 handicap, complained that he kept messing up on shots he certainly knew how to hit well. Hed chunk his approach shots, come up short when pitching or skull the ball. Weve all been there havent we? Sure we have. However, in preparation for these shots Gerry kept telling himself things like, I dont want to mess this shot up and Dont come up short here and things similar to this.
Remember the $5,000 shopping spree? What do you think Gerry was buying? He kept buying things he didnt want except this time it wasnt products for his homehe was buying outcomes on the golf course! He kept buying outcomes he didnt want even though he was the one actually buying them. Why do you keep buying things you dont want? I asked Gerry. I dont know. I didnt know I was buying them he said.
What are you buying? Do you continue to spend your time buying outcomes and then complain that you dont want them? Sounds funny doesnt it, but this is what we do.
What you want cannot be gotten by buying things you dont want. In other wordsas long as you keep reminding yourself of what you dont want and this means on AND off the golf course you cannot be surprised when those things show up for you. Stop buying them and they wont show up!
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To Your Best Golf and Life!

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