Getting What You Want Part 3


In this final piece on Getting What You Want, Id like to address the power of RESILIENCE.
In my opinion, resilience is the most important trait you can master. Of all the usual and commonly referred to traits including confidence, optimism, present time focus, enjoyment and others your ability to be resilient stands heads and shoulders above them all.
Resilient golfers are stronger and tougher
Resilient people are stronger and tougher
For example, the tree that remains standing in the face of hurricane force winds is the tree that is most flexible. It is the tree that is able to move and flow with the force of the strong winds rather than resist them. This tree is ultimately the toughest. The rigid tree,the one that may appear to be stronger upon observation, is the tree that will snap or break under the pressure of gale force winds. Why? Because it resists and is not able to go with the flow and this causes it to break or snap.
Resilience = Strength and Toughness
Resilience is often connected to the word adversity and the word adversity is often connected to the more intense or larger moments in life such as losing a job, missing cut after cut on the Tour, health issues and so on. However, there are many moments that occur each day and during each round of golf in which you have the opportunity to display your bounce-ability (as I like to call it). It is the bounce that really counts. Even more importantly, many people see resilience as an attempt to work through adversity. I dont agree. Its the difference between coping with something and creating something. Coping is not nearly as strong a goal is learning to Bounce Back stronger and more inspired than you were before. That is what Bounce really means.
Decide for yourself. The synonyms for the word cope are below:
  • To deal with

  • To struggle with

  • To manage

  • To survive

  • To get by

    Are any of these really want you aspire to? I doubt it.
    Why cope with what you dont want when you can begin creating more of what you do want?
    On the golf course you have many opportunities to demonstrate this all important skill. Some bounce moments include:
  • Recovering quickly after a poor result

  • Bouncing back after a series of poor results

  • Learning to be more inspired after a poor hole or round

  • Difficult people

  • Difficult conditions

  • Hanging in there even though youre not playing your A game

    Resilience = Strength and Toughness
    Rigid people are like the rigid tree that snaps in the face of high winds. They are not as flexible as resilient people because their rigidity takes the form of mental, physical and emotional tightness. Do you know anyone like this? They might hold on to old and worn out ideas, beliefs and attitudes or live with a lot of tension and stress. All of these can undermine your ability to perform your best.
    The Power of Resilience cannot be underestimated. If you know the traits that will allow you to be resilient and put them into practice it will positively affect you both on and off the golf course.
    The more resilient you are; the closer you come to getting what you want.
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    To Your Best Golf

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