Give Up Already


Do you want to shoot lower scores, enjoy the game more, feel more confident, be more consistent or be less stressed? Away from the course do you want to be more confident, less stressed and more productive?
Most people I know want to experience more confidence, less stress and be more productive both on and off the golf course. These people work very hard at trying to achieve what they want and its not lack of effort that keeps them from their goals. However, there is a secret that will help them get what they want faster and it so obvious they completely forget about it and even deny it. What is it? Its learning how to apply the principle of Giving Up! So, whats your first reaction when you see those words? Do you immediately resist them? Jackie, a former client responded, No way! I cant give up. Why? I asked. Because giving up means that I quit and Im not a quitter! Jackie proudly exclaimed. Here is where the real dilemma begins for many people. Lets see if we can clear this up.
First of all think about what athletes call the zone. It is the ultimate state of giving up when you really look closely and I never hear somebody complaining when theyre in it! When in the zone you no longer struggle, over try, over think nor worry about results or obstacles. People know they perform better when in that state yet what do they do? They slip back into over trying, pushing too hard, excess worry and forcing their results. This occurs both on and off the golf course and will interfere with your ability to perform your best. Secondly, the phrase give up does NOT mean to quit. This is a misinterpretation and in fact, it means just the opposite. It means that what you are giving up are all the unnecessary things that cause you to under perfom in the first place! These things include:
  • Forcing outcomes
  • Focusing on score

  • Trying to look good

  • Comparing yourself to others

  • Holding on to events that have already happened by judging and criticizing them (or yourself!)
Do you want to hold on to these things? These things will cost you time, energy and productivity.
Holding on means holding back - - David Breslow

Heres another common golf example of the Giving Up principle. When everything seems to go wrong and youve tried just about everything to get back on track there comes a point in time where you throw up your hands and say I give up. What usually happens next? Most people feel a sense of relief and actually perform better almost immediately! Why? Because you gave up and this allowed your mind, body and emotions to get back in synch which always leads to optimal performance.
Giving up is the secret to allowing your best to resurface consistently over time!
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