Give up Control


Give up Control
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Giving up control is a very difficult thing to do isnt it? Control on a golf course usually leads to increased tension, aggravation and frustration.
Try this short exercise. Open your dominant hand and place a small amount of water in the palm. Now make a fist with that hand and try to control the water so that it doesnt spill or leak out of your hand. Its virtually impossible to do. When you make a fist, the pressure will force the water to leak out of your palm. Now repeat this, except this time, keep your palm open and relaxed. Notice that the water will flow more gently in your palm and you could actually move around the room without spilling any of it.
The lesson here is: that by relaxing your hand you actually gain more control over the water.

The same thing happens with your entire body. When you try to over control thingsyou create the pressure that causes you to leak energy. The way we experience this is by feeling tension, greater anxiety, loss of energy and focus. In the end, it can affect your power and consistency as well.
Here are 3 suggestions:
Tip: Make a conscious effort to relax the legs, arms, hands, shoulders and facial muscles before you take a practice swing. Let them drop and slip into a more relaxed position. The more relaxed you are the more powerful you are.
Tip: Focus on what you DO have control over (and its NOT the results of your shots!). The more you do this the more you trigger feelings of calm and confidence.
Tip: Make enjoyment a priority. A lot of my clients would like to enjoy themselves more and if you make enjoyment a priority, you may find that you will have this experience!
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