Golfs 7 Greatest Secrets


Golfs 7 Greatest Secrets
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The following is an excerpt from the introduction to the acclaimed E-Book titled:
Golfs 7 Greatest Secrets: Beyond MechanicsWhat Every Golfer Needs to Know
Golf is a magical game. It seems to have a mystical hold on those who play and love it. The game of golf has the power to drive us from the heights of ecstasy to the depths of confusion and frustration. Yet, no matter what our journey through this great game...we come back for more. Why?
Golf touches something at our very core. It tests our patience as well as our will as it reveals our character at every opportunity. In the end, we love the ride and we are willing to go through all of it just to experience that one shot, one round or one day where it all comes together. To that end, we will spend money, time and effort in the hopes of finding that golden moment to remember for a lifetime whether its the perfect swing, shot or round. We will do whatever we can to hone our skills and as part of this search for personal glory we may find ourselves practicing the golf swing in the basement, the living room or at the office. If we could find a way to practice in the carwed probably do that too. We do this so we can fulfill the promise of the one basic statement we silently repeat to ourselves

If I could only!

It is this powerful thought that keeps us coming back to the journey from heartache to ecstasy. If I could only If you could only what? What are the words you would use to complete that sentence?
The Journey
Every golfer has chosen to take this journey and make no mistake about it; it is a journey. For many, the journey is filled with highs, lows and everything in between. Along this journey we choose to spend time, energy and of course, money to achieve our desires. We are willing to invest in equipment, greens fees, lessons and books and these efforts are all designed to help us reach that magical place in time where it all comes together.
Do your results match the time, effort and money youve invested? Be brutally honest with yourself. Over 90% of my clients answer this question with a resounding NO. With so much information and the best equipment available why do over 90% still believe their results DONT match the time, effort and money they invest?
Think of it this way. The most highly trained musician cannot make an out-of-tune instrument play beautiful music. Why? Because talent, knowledge, intelligence and skill will not make that instrument sound any better as long as its out-of-tune! The musician can continue learning new concepts and helpful tips to improve his skills but if the instrument remains out of tune...beautiful music will not come. How is this relevant to you? The challenge most golfers face is that they are actually trying to play great music on an instrument that is out of tune! And what is that instrument? YOU are the instrument! How is it out of tune? Its out of tune because the key components of your instrument (your mind, body and emotions) are not working together well (in sync).
If youve ever tried to play a guitar, piano or other musical instrument that was out of tune, you know exactly what I mean. It simply does not produce great sound no matter what your ability or skill level is.
For 20 years, Ive witnessed golfers of all levels inhibit their own improvement because they are often unaware of two important things. First, that their instrument is out of tune AND secondly, they are unaware that there are simple truths or secrets that will put their instrument back in tune and allow them to perform at a higher level more consistently.
There are many myths about so-called mental game work and It is often assumed that the process involves a repetition of the commonly known concepts and tips they've heard or read about for years such as, 'be positive, confident, focus in present time and enjoy yourself more'. While these are all great attributes and very important.they are not THE WAY to achieve success, they are merely the OUTCOMES everyone wants. Golf's 7 Greatest Secrets provide the way to demonstrate those outcomes more quickly, easily and consistently.
At first, most clients believe their golf clubs are the important instruments of the game but there is something far more important. YOU are the most important instrument and if you are out of tune, your results will reflect that. If you are in tune, your results will reflect that as well. Are you ready to begin playing better music on the most important instrument you take to the golf course every time you play? The great news is; you already have all the tools in place to make that happen so why not begin using them to perform YOUR best right now?
Let your journey begin...
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