Golfs Greatest Paradox


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And now todays article
Have you ever tried to kill the ball? Most of us have done this at one time and when you tried to kill the ball -- what happened? Most of my clients say, It didnt work or My swing was less powerful; not more! or I hit a less than desirable golf shot.
The game of golf, as the game of life is guided by a simple but not easy to apply paradox. That paradox is:

James, a 15 handicap entered the FlowZone program with the expectation that he would gather a lot more information so he could use to play better golf. This is a common trap many golfers slip into. Have you gathered a lot of information in the past, I asked James. Sure, Im always looking to gather information, he said. How has that impacted your game? Are you playing up to the level you think you should? I asked. Not really, he said with a hint of frustration. Have you ever tried to kill a ball? Sure What happened? It didnt turn out too well, he said.
Most golfers inherently understand that they play their best golf when they get out of their own way. They also understand that they play their best golf when they dont try to hit the ball.
Without realizing it, they are breaking the most important paradox which is, less is more. Instead, they go to the golf course and think more, analyze more, try more and generally do MORE to get more and it usually doesnt work in their favor.
Here are some examples of how we do MORE to get more with suggestions to follow:
  • Try too hard

    Trying too hard causes the body to tighten and results in LESS power not more! Its a mental trap that players slip into without realizing it. If you dont believe it; all you have to do is think back to a time when you really wanted to nail this one. What happened? Chances are you lost power and accuracy.

    Suggestion: Remind yourself that power and accuracy come from relaxing your mind and body. Do you really have to try to hit the golf ball? No.
  • Lose of Rhythm

    When we try too hard or push for more we move outside our normal rhythm. When we lose rhythm we lose power and accuracy as well. The golf swing is based on rhythm and when we want more we usually speed up our rhythm and reduce effectiveness.
    Suggestion: Make optimal use of your practice swing with the intention to rehearse the rhythm you want over the golf ball. Focus on rhythm as much or more than just mechanics. Good rhythm creates power and accuracy so go for the rhythm.
    Your best performances are sitting inside you waiting for you to remove the clutter thats in the way. Learn to LET IT OUT instead of continually adding more gunk into the system.
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