Harmonizing Your Game


When things arent going well, golfers, at every level say things like, I have to get my game together and I just have to get things together and Ill be fine. Obviously its important to get it together in order to play our best. But, what is it we are actually getting together? Most people are thinking about different parts of their game such as, driving the ball well, solid approach shots and chipping and putting more consistently. Others also mean that they need to get their thinking, focus and confidence together as well.
Sounds like a lot to get together doesnt it?
The name of the game is HARMONY. When you play your best; you are in HARMONY. Two definitions of this word include: a situation in which there is agreement and a pleasing effect produced by an arrangement of things Harmony means to be in agreement, and in-synch. Golfers all over the globe are in search of ways to harmonize their game. Some limit their search to the golf swing itself while others broaden their search to include the golf swing and their mind, body, emotion and spirit. If youve read any of my previous articles you know that I call those elements The 4 Quads of Energy and Performance. These elements exist within everyone and when they are in harmony it will make all the difference in your game. Their effect is undeniable and when you are only working on one or ignore them; there are consequences to your game.
Golfers will do some interesting things to try and achieve this harmonious state; some with effective results and most with sporadic results. Harmony is everything and is a direct result of cause and effect performance laws and principles that trigger it. It is a matter of creating an agreement between your 4 Quads which result in a pleasing effect in you and your game.
Here are some suggestions to create harmony for yourself:
1. Stick With Simple Routines
I find that 85% of the people I work with believe their routines are effective; and soon realize they are not nearly as powerful as they could be. Whatever your routines are right now, keep them simple and follow them to the letter
2. Find Music That You Like
You see athletes listening to music all the time (NBA, Major League Baseball players, etc.). Music creates a certain harmony in the body. Find the music that best compliments the harmony you want to experience.
3. Stop Fighting Reality
This is a big one! This is crucial for golfers at every level. How many times do you see a golfer lose it or play poorly after bad break, poor shot or poor decision because they are holding on to their anger or frustration? I can guarantee you that fighting reality is a battle you will loseonly 100% of the time. Whatever happened; happened and all your anger or frustration/disappointment will not change that.
You will increase your opportunity to be your best when you learn to put all 4 Quads in harmony with each other. Gimmicks wont do it but there are very precise and predictable cause and effect principles at work and you can learn to put them in harmony on purpose. Harmony is everything in your swing and in your game!
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