Head to Head is Great


Head to Head is Great!
Golf is one of the few sports in which the top names dont often meet head to head unless its in a later round on the weekend or the final pairing of the event. While golf will always be an individual game in which each participant truly plays against themselves and the course/conditions, it is interesting to be able to see key players performing together in as much of a head to head manner as possible.
One of the things that make other sports so intriguing is that marquis players clash head to head whether in the regular season, playoffs or finals if they advance that far so why not golf? Golf doesnt have a best of seven series to determine a winner but at least four rounds of golf can be viewed as a four game series. During this time we may be able to watch key participants face-off in the same group and put their talents and skills in view of each other. If these marquis names manage to become the top names on the leader board on the weekend, then they may be paired on Sunday anyway so why wait for the excitement? Why not see them playing head to head along the way?
The marquis names in other sports help raise the interest and the drama because the contest is more interesting to watch when they play head to head. We want to see Kobe Bryant playing Kevin Garnett. We want to see Rafael Nadal play Roger Federer at the French Open tennis tournament. We wanted to see Larry bird play against Magic Johnson. We like to see our favorite players play in the same game whether they physically guard each other or not because its more interesting. Golf can benefit from the same scenario. Rather than hear the announcer tell us what players are doing five holes ahead or earlier that day we can see it for ourselves. How do they handle the situation mentally and emotionally? Who hits what type of shot in a similar situation? What club does one player choose compared to the other? In this case its Tiger, Phil and Adam grouped together so how will Adam Scott react to all of this as well? We know they are all professionals and theyve been in big moments before but so have Nadal and Federer, Bryant and Garnett and Bird and Johnsonbut we looked forward to their meeting head to head anyway. There are many interesting things we can pick up in this format that we wouldnt otherwise be able to do.
Obviously, there are other great groups and great golfers in the event and it is all set up to provide new thrills in this years U.S. Open. Enjoy it!
To Your Best Golf!
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