The High Performance Engine


Did you know we have something in common with a high performance race car engine? We do!
The high performance engine runs at its peak when all of its parts operate in unison and work together. The same high performance engine will under perform when its parts are not working and communicating together. What does this mean? It means the engine becomes sluggish, all systems arent firing together, it loses gas and some parts of the engine are working harder than the others creating a serious imbalance. Guess what! The same thing happens to us. We also under perform when our key parts dont communicate and function together too. What does this mean for us? It means we lose energy, we lose focus, we become distracted, we let our emotions get the better of us and in general we dont perform up to our capabilities. Just like the high performance engine; our parts are not functioning very well together.
So, what are these parts? They are the mind, body and emotions. Did you expect something more profound or complicated? These are the elite parts every one of us has and when they work together we perform our best. When they dont; we have problems. Think about the zone in very simple terms. In my opinion, all that is happening is the mind, body and emotions are in alignment. They are in synch and when this happens we feel better and do better. Its just that simple. Energy is flowing between them and the experience we have is one of great confidence, a feeling we can do anything and a sense of tremendous resiliency power. We can adapt and adjust to whatever the situation is. You already have the elite parts within you. The question is; are they working together or not?
Here are some suggestions to get your elite parts working together:
  1. Quiet your mind by practicing stillness while focusing on 1 thing only.

  3. Calm your emotional energy by practicing breathing exercises. Also, make a list of the things that trigger too much emotion (causing you to lose energy!).

  5. Reduce physical stress by moving your body and taking time to stretch and improving your flexibility.
Remember the high performance engine. When the parts work together it runs at peak level and so do you!
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