How Committed Are You


Over the years Ive discovered that people who thought they were committed discovered they werent quite as committed as they first thought.
We hear high level performers constantly talking about how important their commitment is to achieving success. We hear top golfers constantly talking about how important it is to be committed over a golf shot in order to hit it well. Weve all stood over a golf shot hoping to be committed yet knowing something inside us is informing us we arent quite FULLY committed!
How does not being fully committed over a golf shot affect us? Here are some common experiences we can have when not fully committed followed by tips to be more committed:
A loss of confidence
When not fully committed over the ball we are literally sending mixed messages throughout our bodies. One message is I want to be committed and the other is Im not!). These mixed messages will cause a lack of confidence in the golf swing. The result: a golf swing that is tentative and tense.
Coaches Tip: In order to avoid this mixed message make a clear statement of commitment PRIOR to moving into address position. Look out over the fairway and direct your mental energy by making a firm statement such as I am completely committed to my choice of club and shot selection.
A lack of clarity
Being uncommitted to a shot brings a lack of clarity to the shot. A lack of clarity causes the mind, body and emotions to also be unclear. When this happens they are no longer in synch and the result will be confusion over the ball and a confused golf swing.
Coaches Tip: I tell clients all the time you are better off hitting the wrong shot beautifully than hitting the right shot tentatively. This means that you want to be crystal clear about the shot you are hitting even its in between clubs for you. Once you choose your club and type of shot be perfectly clear about your choice. This clarity will affect how you approach and strike the golf ball. If its the wrong club so whatyou can make the adjustment next time but hitting that shot solidly will build confidence. Ive seen many golfers make the wrong club or shot selection but when they hit that shot pure they can still smile and say Boy, I nailed that even though I picked the wrong club!
Being uncommitted over the ball will probably trigger additional stress. This can take place in the form of too tight a grip, tightness in the legs, the shoulders popping up and tense facial muscles. The result: your golf swing will lose its power and fluidity.
Coaches Tip:You can reduce your stress by being fully committed and by focusing on those parts of your body that you notice the stress in. Quietly focus on the hands, legs, arms, shoulders and facial muscles by simply repeating, Let go as you mentally review each location. The more you reduce your stress the more committed you can be to the golf shot!
So, how committed do you believe you really are over every shot or in everything you do? Commitment is not something you have to work hard at. Its a choice.
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