How Smart Are Your Emotions


How resilient are you on the golf course? Are you able to bounce back and recover from poor shots, bad luck, bad bounces or other factors that can throw your game out of whack?
Your ability to be resilient has more to do with your emotional smarts than your mental intelligence. Research shows that how you work with and develop your emotional forces is a major factor in performance success or failure. There are many intelligent golfers who do not perform up to their true abilities. Why? Because your performance is affected more by how you use and understand the emotional game. Resilience is one of the components of emotional smarts and it is the hallmark of every golfer at every level of golf. Resilience refers to the ability to take adversity and use it in your favor. It also means that you learn to become mentally, physically and emotionally flexible over time. Other words that describe this state are pliable and elastic. How resilient are you on the golf course? How well do you recover and rebound during and after adversity?
The game of golf provides us many opportunities to demonstrate resilience doesnt it? You can hit a great shot and have it take an unexpected bounce out of the fairway or into a hazard. You can strike a beautiful birdie putt only to have it crease the cup and spin out the other side. You can be so close to breaking your lowest score or even winning a major and yet one moment on the golf course keeps you from that experience.
Phil Mickelson, after having so many opportunities to win a major and so many disappointments, had to remain resilient to finally find himself in position to win. It took a great deal of resilience on his part to remain mentally and emotionally ready and willing to keep going and perform at a high level. Golfers whose emotions interfere with their success will tend to hold on to their losses and poor outings, over react to bad breaks and have a difficult time letting go of events in the past. These create emotional instability and volatility and will interfere with confidence, consistency and present time focus.
Here are a few keys that can raise your emotional smarts and help you be more resilient on the course:
1. Stop fighting with realityand use it!
This is a challenge for many golfers. Even if you dont like the result or the situation arguing and fighting with it is a losing battleonly 100% of the time! How many times do you find yourself holding on to a poor shot or poor hole? Reality is what reality is. Youre better off looking at itaccepting it and moving on. From this vantage point every situation contains the seed for a lesson that makes you better. This doesnt mean you have to like the situation; but it does mean that you are far better off using it than fighting it.
2. Widen your focus
When we become less resilient we usually narrow our focus on one event or situation making it so important that it blinds us to the whole picture. Widen your focus by keeping the bigger picture in mind. Its only one shot, one hole or one tournament and whatever is happening doesnt mean always or forever.
3. Focus on what you have 100% control over
When we focus on things we have complete control over we automatically bring our attention back to present time. What do we have complete control over? We control things like: our breathing, the way we walk the course, rhythm and pace, pre-shot routines and what we choose to direct our mental attention on. Focus on these things and the present moment becomes your reality. From here, being resilient is much easier
4. Find the funny
Humor helps resiliency. It literally alters the energy flow in your body. No matter how heavy the situation try to find the funny by finding something that makes you laugh or smile. See if you can even laugh at yourself! This helps the mind and emotions be more resilient and less rigid from tension and over seriousness.
Build smart emotions....good luck!
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