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Did you know that you can positively affect your golf swing right now by doing one thing that is under your control? Physical tension is something that every golfer knows about and its written about in most books relating to peak performance or sports psychology. However, Im always surprised how little attention players pay to their own tension levels and how it affects the flow of energy in the golf swing.
While many golfers search for ways to shoot lower scores and raise their level of consistency on the coursethere is one arena that can improve your game right now and that is your ability to relax your physical body over the golf ball. Dr. Jim Suttie, one of Golf Magazines top 100 teachers and a guest on The Golf Channel often tells me that his students would improve more quickly if they could reduce the tension in their bodies when they take a lesson from him.
The FlowZone Golf program is dedicated to helping golfers lower scores and produce more consistency on the course. One of the key areas we focus on is the understanding of what tension does to the body. Developing great mechanics are surely important yet there are many golfers who have good mechanics who bring too much tension into their golf swing causing them to underperform. You can actually increase power and consistency by decreasing the amount of physical tension in the golf swing.
Tension is a killer in the golf swing. It will throw even the most technically correct golf swing out of rhythm. When we see great players perform well under pressure it is because they are able to reduce their tension levels and reduce the effect this has on their golf swing.
Here is a brief look at the affect physical tension has on the golf swing:
  • Tight muscles / Tight swing
    When your muscles are tighter than they need to be; the golf swing can become stiff and lose rhythm and timing. Tight muscles are often the byproduct of trying too hard, wanting to hit the ball too far, being anxious over a shot youre not comfortable with, recalling poor memories or projecting into the future. Whatever the cause, tight muscles reduce the flow of energy in your body making the golf swing feel stiff.
  • Poor or shallow breathing
    Most of the clients who come into the program realize that they dont breathe very well on the golf course. Breathing well is a central key to reducing both physical and emotional tension in the body. Proper breathing brings more oxygen into your system, calms emotions, reduces tension in the muscles and can clear the mind so that it makes better decisions. That sounds pretty valuable dont you think? Proper breathing allows you to be emotionally resilient and physically relaxed. This produces more energy and a smoother more balanced golf swing.
  • Loss of feel in the short game
    Tension also reduces your feel for short game shots from pitching to putting. Players strike the ball poorly in these situations more often because of the tension in their golf swing than just poor mechanics. In fact, high muscles tension can cause poor mechanics. All great golf swings require faith and trust and when the muscles in the body are too tensethe stroke loses rhythm and feel. Once again, focusing (worrying) about the result and trying too hard to hit a good shot instead of just trusting yourself to hit the shot will create unnecessary tension in the body.
  • Loss of power
    Your body has a natural flow energy running through it. This flow is interrupted when the muscles are too tight. Power comes from releasing the tension and allowing the force of energy to move through the body more easily. This results in natural power without forcing it. Have you ever tried to kill the ball? What was your result? Most people tighten their arms, hands, legs and shoulders producing a swing that is anything but powerful. Tight muscles = poor energy flow= lack of power.
Begin to recognize when your muscles are too tight and notice what happens to your golf swing when you reduce some of that tension.

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