Its All About the Bounce


Its All About the Bounce
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Todays article
Its the Bounce that counts! How well you bounce will influence everything you do on (or off) the golf course.
Bounce refers to your ability to bounce back in a way in which you are more focused, have more energy and reduce your stress levels. Bottom line; youre more effective. On the golf course, adverse moments that people can bounce back from are things like missing easy birdie putts, hitting tee shots off line, hitting chip shots or approach shots poorly, being negatively affected by another golfer, playing a few bad shots or holes in a row and so on.
Have you ever been on a trampoline? Every time we jump, we make many little adjustments with our body even while in mid-airwithout realizing it. Why do we make these adjustments? Because our bodies innately know that they are being thrown off center and that we need to make an adjustment so that we land on balance again. Whats amazing is that were constantly making these adjustments in mid air and doing it with lightening speed and efficiency. These adjustments help us avoid falling or being off balance before the next moment our feet hit the trampoline so we can land properly and prepare properly for the next movement or next jump. Once we make these adjustments we are balanced, focused and energized. Can you see how this would benefit you on (and off) the golf course?
The game of golf (or life) will throw you curve balls no matter how well youre prepared. In fact, you have many opportunities to bounce every single day. The more you do it, the stronger the skill becomes and the more effective you will be no matter what the situation. As you develop your bounce factor, you will increase your energy, focus and reduce stress levels. I dont know any golfer who doesnt want that!
How well do you bounce when things happen that you dont like or expect?
Try this exercise:
Look for Bounce Moments in your day. These are moments where you usually lose focus, energy and increase your stress levels. When you notice themsee if you can turn them into an opportunity to regain energy, focus and reduce stress.
Off the golf course: Bounce Moments can be things like:
People not doing what you think they should
Getting cut off in traffic
Any results that you dont like
Situations in which you disagree or argue with others
On the golf course they can be things like:
Difficult playing partners
Results that dont meet your expectations
Your own forms of self-sabotage (over thinking, negative thinking, negative emotion)
Its the Bounce that counts!
To Your Best Golf!
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