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The game of golf relies on creating a solid rhythm and tempo. No matter what your skill level, rhythm and tempo are key elements to a good golf swing. Rhythm and tempo are key elements in most sports and the athlete that maintains it tends to perform better. The part of performance we call the Mental Game also operates on rhythm and tempo. The title Mental Game means many things to many different people and although most will say it is important; it remains a mystery as to how it operates and what to do about it.
Jonathan, a 15 handicap contacted me because he truly felt he could bring his handicap down. He didnt do it without a fight however. After some serious prodding by someone else he finally gave in and called me. His first words were so, go ahead and make me better. There it was; the challenge! I hear this quite often and for me, this is an immediate red flag. I immediately responded I hate to disappoint you but its your responsibility to get better.' It is my responsibility to bring you insights, awareness and strategies so you become your own solution maker and get out of your own way. It is clear from experience that when the player takes the responsibility; things begin to change in a favorable way.
Jonathans next comment was, so are you going to psychoanalyze me now? Again, another myth and a real indication of why so many dont take up a formal approach to improving their mental game. My response, No, the program is not about psychoanalyzing you. Its about gaining an awareness of the mind / body / performance connection that has always been influencing your performance, thats influencing it now and will influence it in the future. Whoa Jonathan said. Thats a pretty big statement to make isnt it? Jonathan was clearly going to test just about everything and that was fine with me. That may be a big statement to you, I said. However, when you realize what these principles are, you will realize from your own actual experience that they are playing out. In addition, I like talking about these principles because they bypass age, gender, personality type and experience or skill level. They operate the same in you as they do in anyone else! Well, thats an even bigger statement Jonathan exclaimed. To that I said, You dont even have to believe a word I say. By using your actual experience it will make total sense to you.
It IS All Connected
At this point Jonathan was ready to move on and gain awareness, insight and the strategies that were most appropriate to him and his game. What he learned, and what many golfers forget is that the body, mind, emotions are all connected. When I asked Jonathan how much of his overall game could be attributed to what he thought the mental game was he replied about 50 to 60%. What number would you come up with? I told him I believe it to be 100% because the elements that make up the so-called mental game are the mind, the body and the emotions. Not only are they connected but they are in constant communication with each other. In addition, they operate out of very precise and predictable principles that produce results. The great thing about these principles is they are completely neutral. This means they operate completely independent of our opinion of them. I often use the metaphor of gravity to clarify this. I asked Jonathan if he believed gravity was a law or a principle. He said yes. Gravity is a law that operates the same in Africa as it does in Arkansas, I said. It also operates the same for you as it does for me or for Tiger Woods, I continued. And the best part is gravity operates completely independent of your opinion or belief about it, right? Jonathan said yes, I guess so, I never thought about it that way. It doesnt matter whether you believe in gravity, like or dislike gravity or dont even believe it exists. Gravity operates anyway and so do these principles. This, he understood and was eager to know what they were.
One of the first steps is the acknowledgment and realization that every time you put your hands on a golf club; all three of those elements; mind, body and emotion are in play. There is no separation. This is why I state the mental game influences your performance 100% of the time. As you discover the magical connection and communication between them you can learn how to direct your energy more effectively to think, feel and perform your best. Its one thing to apply what I call an outside-in approach trying to apply tips to create real change. Its another to have a real understanding from the inside-out which can put you back in charge.
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