Knock Out The First Tee Jitters


Knock Out The First Tee Jitters!
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Youve just completed your warm up at the driving range and feel pretty good about your golf swing. You hit some good shots, youre ready to go and then it happens! The first tee is coming up fast. Its in sight and now what? All of a sudden the inexplicable change is about to take place. Now it all counts. Everything you do matters even more because the stakes just got higher. Will you hit the ball as well as you did on the range? With all your expectations and others watching will you start your round the way you want, hope or pray to? Your body tenses, your mind clouds and you put the tee into the ground.
Maybe the above is an exaggeration for some but for others its not. Even seasoned golfers find that the first tee can be a nerve wracking place. After all; its the first real shot of the day and for many, it sets the tone for their entire round of golf.
Ive witnessed golfers who had very good swing mechanics at the driving range arrive at the first tee only to look like a completely different person! Where did their golf swing go? Its the same person with the same equipment and yet its NOT the same golf swing!
Why does the first tee elicit so much doubt, fear and anxiety? It doesnt have to and here are some ways you can help yourself:
1.Focus on what you can control
Most first tee jitters are caused by the mind wandering off into areas it has no control over (i.e. score, results, looking good in front of others, etc.). The more your mind goes there; the more anxious you can feel. Re-focus on what you have control over
2.Focus on Preparation
This is where the importance of your routine comes into play. If your routine is a good one, it will help you prepare properly. I have found that most clients believe their routines to be ok but soon discover that its NOT as effective as it could be because it does not put them in optimal position mentally, physically and emotionally.
3.Think Big Picture
Your first shot is not your round. To think it is; is an illusion that can have negative consequences if the shot doesnt work out to your satisfaction. Sure, its important to get off the first tee in good shape however, do steps #1 and #2 to increase your opportunity for success. Even if the result of your first tee shot is not as expected it doesnt mean the round is ruined. This is simply not true.
4.Hit the Safe Shot to a Safe Target
If you have worries or doubts on the first tee, go for the safe play. You can still take your natural golf swing but pick a target that is in a safety zone for you. Dont go for too much and allow yourself to work your way into the round. This will build confidence and trust in your golf swing.
To Your Best Golf!
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