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It has been my experience over the last 20 years that clients often get in their own way by going against a performance paradox. Many of the emails I receive indicate that people actually realize they are doing this because they write things like, if I could get out of my own way, Id play much better! and they are right!
Peak performances and your best performances can occur more often when you understand and utilize one of the most powerful paradoxes in sports and in life. It is: Do less to achieve more.
Most people do exactly the opposite. They do more to achieve more. By more, I mean they OVER think, OVER analyze or OVER try. Consider the zone state so many say they want to experience. If you have ever been in the zone you know that its an experience in which you dont OVER think, OVER analyze or OVER do anything. You think more clearly, your mind and emotions are calmer, you have more energy, confidence is supremely high and you handle adversity extremely well. All of this takes place because you are actually not trying to do any of it. This is a demonstration of the ultimate paradox: do less to achieve more. This paradox is a real challenge to our logical minds because we fall into the trap that says, If I want more (power, distance, relaxation, etc.) I need to do more; and it is not true. Trying hard to relax is not very effective!
When we try to do more on the golf course we:
  • Tighten the face, shoulders, arms, hands and legs when we want to hit the ball further or when we focus on results too much

  • Over think and analyze mechanics'paralysis by analysis!

  • 'Try to hit the ball instead of allowing the swing to be natural
Here is the dilemma we all face. The dilemma is the realization that in order to play our best we actually need to do less. It is truly a paradox but its real. By doing less you get out of your own way and it naturally aligns the mind, body and emotions. The more in synch they are; the more opportunity you have to play your best.
Doing less doesnt mean to stop working at your game. It means to stop OVER TRYING, OVER WORKING and OVER INTERFERING with your talent.
Here are some suggestions to help you do less to achieve more:
Focus on committing to your shots and trusting your swing
The more committed and trusting you are with your golf swing the less you need to OVER do anything. Lack of trust causes you to do things that usually interfere with a good golf swing because you think you need to help it (lift, scoop, force it, etc.).
Focus on a rhythmical and full golf swing
Rather than try to hit the ball or be overly concerned about your results; focus on taking a rhythmical and full golf swing. You must trust that a rhythmical and full swing will be enough. When try to hit the ball you can create tension which will interfere with power and consistency. How many poor golf shots have you hit because you were trying too hard?
Keep muscles relaxed and flexible
The more you can relax your muscles the better off your golf swing. Of course, muscle tension begins in the mind but two ways that can help accomplish this are by breathing slowly and deeply into the abdomen and keeping your muscles flexible by stretching them. You can use your practice swings as an opportunity to do both.
Doing less can get you more on the course!
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