Looking Ahead


Are you looking ahead to a great 2005? What did you learn in 2004 that you can bring forward and use in the upcoming year? Do you truly want to improve your performance on or off the course in the coming year?
These are valid questions for the person who really wants to make next year better than this one. Whether youre a professional player who looks to improve their performance during competitive events or an amateur who wants to lower their handicap whether high or low; we all want to perform better next year than we did this year.
Weve had a terrific year on the PGA Tour this year with Phil Mickelson winning his first major, a new player of the year in Vijay Singh and new names winning the British Open and PGA Championships. Next year proves to be a very exciting and competitive year on the PGA and LPGA Tours as so many players have raised the level of their game and talent is deep and rich week in and week out.
What about you? What will you do to make next season your best yet?
Here are some ideas to look ahead to a better 2005.
Take Inventory
Sit for 20 ' 30 minutes (or longer!) and take an honest look at your game right now. One of the best things you can do is take a real inventory about your entire game physically. mechanically and mentally. Do you need to get in better physical shape? What can you do to improve your mechanics? Are you willing to unlock the talent you really have and get past limited thinking and negative patterns? Can you enjoy yourself more often? Ask yourself these kinds of questions and discover what you really need to perform better next year
Year in Review
Take a look back in order to improve the future. This will also help you get a better picture of you and your game. What went well for you this year? What did you feel good about this year? What kinds of things didnt work well for you? What interfered with your consistency? Give yourself an overview of the past season from the bigger picture framework
Looking Ahead
Now its time to look ahead to next year. What do you want? What are you willing to commit to from a time and budgetary perspective? Are you willing to hope for the best or are you interested in making some real improvements? We all know that New Years Resolutions are notorious for being dropped not long after they are made. Why? People mean well but something gets in the way. Somehow we procrastinate, forget and then soon lose our drive. Dont let your resolutions slip away!
Commit to make it stick
DECIDE on something you are going to do to improve yourself next year. Commitment doesnt come by making a plan, it comes from DOING something. For example, make the phone call, register for the class, dont just read a book; do the exercises if you like them. When you practice, do it with a real purpose. Your performance wont improve by just thinking about it. Those of you who have contacted me personally (and its been quite a number of youand I thank you!) and decided to take part in the FlowZone approach have discovered how much they werent aware of in terms of their mental game. Theyve also discovered how much better they can think, feel and do beyond the usual things theyve read in books. You already have the inner tools to improve your performance but many people arent aware of how these tools and principles really operate and dont use them to their advantage.
I thank you all for your support this year and look forward to an exciting 2005. Id also like to let you know the TeleCourses are now available for 2005 with separate course topics for Sports and for Business. They are all designed to help people adapt and excel under any conditions to raise the level of performance. These are a very cost and time effective way to learn how to perform at the top of your game and are available for individuals, groups and teams and all you need is a telephone. Information will be available on the website very shortly so click: http://www.theflowzone.net/TeleCourses.html.
It has been my privilege to serve you and hope you have a wonderful holiday season. We will resume after the first of year!
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