Loosen Your Grip


When most of us see the phrase, Loosen your grip we probably think of our physical grip and more specifically, our hands and fingers. This simple and easy to read guidebook will show you that a tight grip is far more than that. It is a reflection of a level of mental, emotional and physical tightness that impacts your on many different levels. Loosen Your Grip will help you free yourself, your game and your life!
No matter what particular game you play in life is, learning to loosen your grip will free you up to think, feel and be your best. Truly, a loose grip is more advantageous than a tight one.
Loosen your grip. What does this really mean? To the golfer it may mean to relax the tension in their hands and fingers as they hold the golf club. From a broader perspective though, it means much, much more. A tight grip is generally a reflection of a tight mind, tight emotions and a tight body. Unfortunately, a high percentage of my golf and non golf clients have too tight a grip in all three areas and it undermines their performance, their outlook, their attitude, ability to achieve their dreams, enjoyment levels, sabotages talent levels, affects health, income and relationships. Yesa tight grip affects you on many different levels.
Golf Teaching Professionals all over the globe have asked their students'at one time or another to loosen their grip before striking the golf ball. If you play the game or have taken a golf lesson you know exactly what I mean. This tip has been told and retold many times over the years and it is one of the most basic elements of a solid golf swing'even more basic than the simplest mechanical property of the swing. But loosening your grip is more than just a good idea. It can be very revealing as well. Loosening your grip is not only good advice for the golf swing; its also good advice for the golfer and non golfer as well.
I receive many requests from golfers around the world asking for tips and strategies to play better golf. When I work one on one with a golfer on the course, the first thing I look for is the tightness of their grip. Why? Because this informs me of many things about the person hitting the golf ball and often the information has little or nothing to do with proper or improper mechanics, which is what most golfers focus on. A tight grip is an indicator of at least three important things. First, it tells me that the individual is trying too hard to hit a successful golf shot. Secondly, it tells me the individual is working harder than necessary to get the results they want. In addition to trying too hard they are often unaware there is a simpler and more effective way to get those results. (To view a FREE video that addresses this, click here).Third, it tells me they might be overly attached to their results. All three of these can lead to a poor golf swing that lacks power and consistency--which in turn can lead to frustration. In fact, I often tell my clients that the number one cause of a poor golf swing is simply too much tension. In other words the grip is too tightnot just the fingers and hands but a tight mental, emotional and physical grip.
I also see business professionals affected in many ways by a tight grip. Even those who have never hit a golf ball are subject to the negative impact of a tight grip. It is equally important for them to adopt the Loosen Your Grip mentality as it will improve their ability to perform at a higher level each day. Many of my amateur clients are both golfers and non golfers who work in many different areas such as a corporate environment, sales or as an entrepreneur. No matter what position they hold or what their gender, skill level or experience, a tight grip will negatively affect their ability to perform. For these people the consequences are burn-out, reduced energy levels, diminished health and a general undermining of overall performance on the job and in life as a whole. Mentally, emotionally and physically, their grip is far too tight and when they learn to loosen their grip, their lives change dramatically and whatever they do---they do with greater focus, energy and freedom.
Remember this simple truth; you will generate more power, accuracy and consistency with a loose grip. The impact on you, your game and your life is amazing. This is true whether you have a golf club in your hand or not!
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