The Magic of Believing


Great accomplishments in any walk of life come from those who have great talent AND from those who do NOT have great talent! What is the common denominator? It is the magic of believing! Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Vijay Singh or Annika Sorenstam demonstrate the magic of belief and how it creates the realization of their full talents.
Hard work, great equipment and knowledge are important but it is belief that makes you soar. Unfortunately, there are countless stories of those with talent, opportunity and knowledge that have NOT been successful. Why? There is usually a limiting BELIEF of some kind operating behind the scenes. What is a belief? Simply put, it is nothing more than a strong feeling of certainty that something is true. A belief is made up of your THOUGHTS about something. If you believe youre a great putter, you THINK of yourself as a great putter. Here is where the magic lies. Thoughts and beliefs are like cosmic magnets. It is the law of attraction at work and belief is the invisible force. What we believe will trigger us to act and react in accordance with that belief.
All you need to do is think back to the rounds when you were thinking well and when you werent to see this process playing out in your experience. Both experiences may have been very different and probably so were your scores!
Even the tips we try become effective when we believe in them. Nothing works unless we have the power of belief behind it. Here is where many people become stuck. They want to improve and shoot lower scores but they might not BELIEVE they can. Instead of believing first, they wait until something happens so they have a reason to believe. A common comment I hear from golfers is Ill believe in my putting when I start sinking a few! Why wait? Why cant you believe youre a great putter before you sink a few? Here is where the magic of believing can help you break through self-imposed limitations.
Beliefs are formed by repetition and decision. You believe something because you repeatedly experience it; then you decide there is a certainty or truth to it (both positive and negative beliefs!). Once decided; it becomes a belief. Your beliefs are the hidden and subtle force directing your actions and outcomes. Do you believe in yourself? Do you believe you deserve to be great? Do you believe without hesitation, you are worthy of letting your best come out without the need for self-sabotage and excuse making? Think before you answer. Ive spoken to many golfers who quickly answer yes although their actions, behaviors and outcomes suggest something else. The remarkable thing is you can change a belief any time you want. Ive seen players shift from playing without confidence to all of a sudden exuding it. Why? Because they had enough faith to make a decision to BELIEVE THEY WERE CONFIDENT without needing any real external proof. You can wait for something to happen to start believing (which is one way to bolster belief) and you can spark the process by believing first!
You are already internally wired to set up and plant successful beliefs. Belief can be built from both external and internal sources. Here are a few steps you can take to build your belief factor.
  1. Reality Checkcheck out the beliefs you currently have that are holding you back. Identify where your beliefs are sabotaging you (i.e. I dont hit birdie putts very well or I always start my rounds slowly or I always falter at the end of the round). Theyre only beliefs and can be changed!

  3. Make a list of the thoughts you believe will optimally affect you. These can be new beliefs you choose to operate under. Put these words or phrases on a 3 x 5 card and take them with you when you play.

  5. Repetition...repeat these words and phrases to yourself a minimum of 30 times per day. You may resist them at first but persistence will override your old patterns. Start out with I now believe

  7. The mirror technique. Golfers stand in front of a mirror to practice their swingwhy not do it to strengthen your mental game? Stand in front of a mirror and repeat powerful phrases a minimum of 20 times. This is not a speed exercise. Say and feel each one as fully as possible! Begin each phrase with I BELIEVE. Examples: I believe I deserve to succeed, I believe I play like a champion today!, I believe I make great decisions, I believe in me, etc. Notice any resistance (its very common!) and keep on going as the experience can change as you progress. This process sends powerful images and thoughts into your subconscious mind and before long the belief is locked in!
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