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The annual golf ritual called The Masters is just around the corner and once again the golf world will debate who the favorite is, the ones to watch and those who might sneak up on the field to become the next great story.
All of this provides a terrific backdrop to a wonderful event that is revered by so many with its beautiful scenery and compelling storylines year after year. All those who play in it are excited to be there and to showcase their skills while competing with the best in the world.
Calling it The Masters is actually a perfect name for this golf tournament. The players who win tend to Master themselves better than others.
Make no mistake about it. Its not about mastering the course or the field. Its about mastering you and this is true at all times and for anyone at any level.
What does it mean to master yourself?
It means that you do the following:
  • You master the inner game more than the outer game

  • You understand the paradox of taking charge and letting go at the same time

  • You keep things in perspective at all times

  • You use just the proper amount of energy to get the task accomplished

  • You thoroughly enjoy the process---meaning ALL OF IT.

    Mastery is an inside job and it can be learned. Mastery isnt reserved for an elderly person sitting on a mountainside in a foreign land. Mastery is everyones domain and possibility. The problem is; many people dont know HOW to become their own master. However, to win a Masters Event it is crucial to be like the master; the person who truly understands the inner game and how to effectively tap into it and let it do its thing. Ahhhthe peace and contentment that comes from mastery is a terrific thing. You dont master a golf course or your game, you master yourself and its a wonderful place to be.
    The Master is a master of three important things. They are:
    1. Wisdom
    2. Simplicity
    3. Flexibility
    To learn more about these and a free tele-course, click here
    To your best golf!

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