Is Mentally Tough Good for Your Game


Is Mentally Tough Good for Your Game?
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Todays message to Consider: Is Mentally Tough Good for Your Game?
Jake, a 45 year old golfer relies on hard work, dedication and mental toughness on his road to success. Not only is this true in his business life but in his athletic experience as well. Jake expressed that he played a lot of different sports when growing up and excelled at many of them. Jake speaks proudly of his achievements and says that often he was victorious because he was mentally tougher than his opponentnot physically better. Jake is very proud of his achievements for sure and his track record is quite impressive. Now, at age 45, he is a 3 handicap and shows spurts of playing even better than that at times! Meeting at a social function, Jake discovered I was a Performance Consultant and his immediate reaction was very defensive, Its all good. The mental game is where I excel. Dont need any help in that area!
This is not uncommon, especially amongst the lower handicappers. I always find this an interesting response. I certainly dont feel the need to force this kind of work on anyone but its always fascinating to see how people view mentally tough. In Jakes case, being mentally tough is connected to his ability to fight, struggle through, overcome the odds and persevere to the end victorious. I suppose most people would find this to make perfect sense.
There are two ways anyone can go about it I said to Jake. What do you mean two ways? Tough is tough he replied maintaining his defensiveness. Heres what I mean. Im not trying to talk you into anything because youre already successful, right? Yes I am, Jake said. Ok. What I mean is that you can achieve success by one of two avenues. You can fight, struggle, work harder than you have to and create unnecessary drama in your game that forces you to do even more of these things OR you can achieve the same successor even moreby learning how to be more free, more trusting, more in the moment, less mentally, emotionally and physically tight and tap into your greater talent with more ease and a sense of letting go so your performance feels like its flowing out of you rather than being forced by you. You have no idea how much better you can be if this happens!

Jake, like many others has the long-standing belief that being mentally tough means that the experience should be tough along the way as well. This is not true. Its only a belief that many maintain because thats the way its been taught to them. The assumption is: this is the only way. Its not. Jake thought that if he didnt do it that way, it meant he didnt want it as much, wouldnt try as hard and wouldnt be as successful and he certainly didnt want that. This is not true either. Doing Option 2 from above means that you are just as intent on your goal, your fire is just as strong and you work even harder to get what you desire. The difference is in the way you go about it and the impact it has on you.
Jakes achievements speak for themselves but my question to him was, At what price? His current belief definitely causes him more stress, strain and struggle than needed and it was wearing on him over time.
Do you believe that mental toughness means that you have to fight to struggle, be overly stressed and over work to achieve your best? Remember, thats just one option. There is another wayand it can bring you the fruits of your labor in great abundance! Click here if you want more info.
To Your Best Golf!
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