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Were approaching that time of year again. In many places the weather is a factor for playing year round golf but we are fast approaching the start of another season! Baseball is returning for spring training and every team enters the season with an air of optimism. As each season renews, it is truly an opportunity for a clean slate and players return refreshed and enthusiastic.
As winter slowly fades away over the upcoming weeks, golfers will once again be hitting the range and setting up tee times. Expectations for a better golf season may ride high with visions of lower scores and greater enjoyment of the game. We all want to begin the season on a high note and keep that going for as long as possible. Its like making a New Years resolution. We start out with a desire that might soon fade away with time. If we prepare ahead of time we can give ourselves an opportunity to succeed in our desire for the new season.
Here are some tips to help you get off to a good start:
Keep your expectations reasonable
If you havent playing much golf for the past several months its not easy to step right out and have a feel for the golf swing. Allow yourself some time to get your rhythm and your feel back. High or unreasonable expectations can create unnecessary pressure and tension in your golf swing. Perfectionism can also reduce your chances for success. Come to the range or the course with the expectation to get comfortable with your swing and enjoy yourself.
Get your body in shape
Keep yourself flexible by making a commitment to practice both stretching and flexibility exercises each day. Even 5 to 10 minute sessions can make a real difference. When your body is loose you allow more energy to flow therefore giving you more power. Stiff muscles shorten your golf swing and cause you to lose power and accuracy.
Dont keep score
Keeping score the first few times out can cause some golfers extra pressure. If thats you; play your first couple of rounds without the scorecard. Your scorecard should just be based on having fun, getting your rhythm back and making good decisions on club and shot selection.
Clarify your goals
Now is a time to clarify what youd really like to see happen this year. You dont have to be a professional golfer to have performance goals. What do you want? Do you want to lower your handicap? Do you want to enjoy yourself more this year, find new golf partners or discover new courses? Do you want to be more consistent, improve accuracy off the tee or on approach shots or improve your putting? Do you finally want to learn the mind/body/performance principles that trigger you to play your best? Whatever it is, put it on paper and then make plans to make it happen!
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