Paying Attention Is Free


Paying Attention Is Free
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Todays article
Paying attention costs nothing but its invaluable to you and your game.
The upcoming Masters will be a test of attention. Of course, other traits such as consistency, courage, persistence are important. However, a players ability to remain in full attention will be the pivotal key. All the great majors are a test of attention. In fact, attention is a crucial factor in any competitive event and its not just important for the professional. Its important for all of us whether were playing for a living or no. Why? No matter why you play the gameyou will play with greater consistency, enjoyment and freedom when you apply the skill of undivided attention. All the greats have this skill and are able to apply it throughout all conditions and experiences.
When our attention wanders and is unfocused it will affect the way we play the game. Attention that is not focused will cause us to:
Make poor decisions
Trigger tension in the body
Generate tentative/inconsistent golf swings
Create doubt
Many of my clients try to work hard at fully paying attention but it is truly difficult for most of them. They think they are fully attentive but discover they really arent. Truth is; their minds are often moving between the past and the future and as a result, they spend less time being focused on the present moment which, as I put it is where the juice is. Think about it. There is no other time but the present moment. Unfortunately, when my clients try to focus, it becomes more difficult to achieve. Why? Because attention is not something we can force or use the thinking mind to trigger. Its no different than trying to force yourself to relax. It simply doesnt work very well. Thinking about attention is not attention itself. Its like thinking about being happy rather than actually being happy! Can you see the difference?

Try the following exercise:
Place your attention on your right hand. Dont use your mind to think about your right handsimply place your attention on it. Attention doesnt require your mind to think about your hand. Attention only requires that you place your attention on your right hand. When you do this you may begin to notice how your right hand feels, sense its weight, temperature and so on. If you just think about your right hand you probably will not have this type of direct focused experience. The direct focus experiences come as a result of placing your attention on your right hand.
When on the golf course, your ability to place your attention fully will benefit you in the following ways:
A calmer, more quiet mind
Laser focus without stress
Present moment focus
Increased enjoyment
Give it a try! To Your Best Golf!
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