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Todays article
Paytience. Sure, its spelled wrong but developing patience pays and it pays very well. This years Masters will once again test the will, courage, persistence and patience of the field. Paytience pays off.
Do you consider yourself a patient golfer? The payoff for patience will benefit you on several levels. It helps the mind be clear and make good choices, your emotions be more in flow and your body experience more relaxation and less tension...not to mention the bottom lineyour score!
Patience is an important habit that enables you to clearly and calmly negotiate a shot, play a hole smartly or persist through adversity and the ups and downs of an entire round of golf. The loss of patience however, can be the difference between making smart choices and not scoring well.
The current Masters tournament will be a demonstration of patience. When you look at the early rounds, notice the players who demonstrate it and the players who dont. Some will lose patience and begin to push and struggle. Others will use patience as their ally. Patience, patience, and more patience. As much as any other factor, patience helps you override and overcome the obstacles you face and those less than desirable situations when they show up.

Here are some suggestions that can help you develop your patience:

The Round Is A Journey
Whether youve heard this before or not it is important to expand your mental outlook as it pertains to a round of golf. It really is a journey and not a destination. All journeys consist of different experiences and conditions such as joy, moments of smooth sailing, obstacles, tests and more. When you expect these up front, the journey becomes more interesting.
Focus on NOW
The present time is the only time that is real. However, the mind tends to wander by dredging up the past or projecting into the future. The real juice of any journey is in the present moment. Take note how often your mind wanders between the past and the future. You may be very surprised how little of your attention is actually on the here and now.
Stay aware of impatience
This may sound simple but it is not. Many players become impatient without being aware of their impatience. They simply go about things the way they always do without realizing it. Pay attention to your level of patience and you will be able to use patience as a weapon in your game.
Being patient does not mean losing aggressiveness or the will to win. Being patient merely means that you can see the bigger picture and dont get lost in one event or even a series of negative events. Lets see who the most patient golfer is at this years Masters!
To Your Best Golf!
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