Playing Great Music


Playing Great Music!
One day a teacher asked her student, Did you know that even the most highly skilled, trained and educated musician will not be able to play great music on an instrument that is out of tune?
That makes sense the student responded.
The teacher went on. Yes it makes perfect sense doesnt it? If the instrument is out of tune it doesnt matter what the talent level is. When it is back in tune and if the musician knows how to play it, it will sound fine. Yet I want you to look at yourself and see if youre not trying to play great music on an instrument that is out of tune.
What do you mean?
I mean that all the skill, education or talent you possess might not be given the opportunity to express itself fully if youre trying to apply it on an instrument that is out of tune. Lets say this musician plays the piano. The musician can continue to improve his or her skills, technique and so on but if he or she brings all of that to a piano that remains out of tunethe music will still not sound very good. You are like the musician I speak of.
How so?
Think about it. You work hard at improving your skills, gain more knowledge and so on and I respect you greatly for this. However, you also try to implement all of this on an instrument that is out of tune and you experience the consequences of this. Yes, you play an instrument too. The difference is; you take your instrument with you everywhere you go. The instrument is YOU. And like the piano it has key parts that must work well together in order for great music to occur. The key parts of the piano such as the steel strings, keyboard and soundboard and so on must be in tune in order for the talent and skill of the musician to be revealed. The same is true for you. Your key parts are the same key parts everyone hasthey are your mind, body and emotions. There is no getting around this. When these parts are in tune you will see a great shift in everything you do. Like the musician however, if you just attempt to improve skill, knowledge and technique and then continue to use it on an instrument that is already out of tuneit will limit your ability to express your talents fully. This can lead to frustration, trying too hard and a lack of confidence. Be careful where you put your efforts. It would be wise to put your instrument back in tune first.
The teacher smiled and walked out of the room. A wise lesson was given to the student.
To Your Best Golf!
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