A Positive Influence


Everyone knows that being positive is better than being negative, right?
When I speak at clubs, organizations or businesses I often begin by asking the following question: Who believes they can perform better than they do right now? Most people raise their hands. Then I ask, Who believes they could be more confident? Most people raise their hands again. Then I ask, Who already knows that being confident is better than not being confident? Laughter begins to appear and they all raise their hands once again. Then I ask, Who already knows that being positive is better than being negative? People begin to laugh even more and then everyone raises their hands. The bottom line is: most people already know that being positive is important and is preferable to being negative and dont need me to repeat what they already know. The effect it has on the mind, the body and emotions is something we all know from experience. The important thing to realize, is the incredible influence you have over whether you experience the positive or negative impact on yourself and your game.
If youve read any of my articles you know that the mind, body and emotions are all undeniably connected and that they are always in communication with each other. As a result, the impact of being positive or being negative will be experienced by all the components. Negativity is a reflection of negative energy flowing through the body and when this happens you can experience:
  • An increase in negative thoughts, words and images
  • Lack of clear thinking
  • Emotions such as frustration, anger
  • Poor physical body language
  • Loss of feel and touch
  • Sluggish movements
  • Reduced swing mechanics
  • Doubt and lack of confidence
    Positive energy, on the other hand creates a lighter feel in the body because it flows more smoothly. Positive energy can directly influence you by creating:
  • A feeling of being lighter and in the flow
  • Clearer thinking/better decision making
  • Body language is more up and powerful
  • Swing mechanics tend to be sharper
  • Emotions are more even and flowing
  • Overall rhythm and balance are improved
  • Feeling of confidence and clarity
    Energy flow is a powerful determining factor on how well or how poorly your mind, body and emotions are working together. For sure, being positive is better than being negative but rather than just know it, how do you do it? Here are some suggestions:
    Cut Back on the Critical Eye
    Most golfers I know and work with tend to see things very critically at first. They automatically think or say, I didnt do this, I didnt do that and are very critical about themselves and their performance. Being critical is easy and anyone can do that. It doesnt take any personal clarity or courage to be critical. It does take discipline and an open mind to begin seeing something else! While its important to have a critical eye to improve; many players wind up improving their ability to be critical without improving other areas. They simply become very good at being critical. Cut back on your critical eye and you can begin to see that you are actually doing other things well.
    Celebrate all Success no matter how large or small
    The overly critical eye will simply miss what is being done well. The only way to see it is to look for it! Begin identifying your successes on the golf course and celebrate them; and this means even the smallest one! These can be used as building blocks to becoming a positive influence.
    Act As If
    To prove the power of positive influence try acting as if you were your favorite player. Get out of your own usual patterns for a moment and act as if you are someone else who thinks and feels powerfully positive. When you do this, take note of the impact it has on your mind, body and emotions. The truth is; your mind, body and emotions dont know the difference and you can experience the powerfully positive state. This, again, is another testament to the power of the mind, body, emotion relationship at work!
    You have the ability to be a tremendous positive influence if you want to be.
    To Your Best Golf!
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