The Pursuit of Happiness


Every golfer finds something different to be happy -- or unhappy -- about on the golf course. But is their happiness based on shooting lower scores? The problem is that many of my clients have made a habit of putting the cart before the horse. They believe if they shoot lower scores, then they will be happy. However, if you learn how to be happy first, then you will put yourself in position to shoot lower scores more often!
Ronald, a seven handicap told me a story. He was on his home course in Southern California when he noticed a golfer who was playing quite poorly, yet completely enjoying himself throughout his round. This man didnt have a particularly good golf swing, wasnt shooting a great score but he was truly enjoying himself. Ronald, on the other hand was being his usual serious self, trying hard to play his best and moving through his round with familiar tension and anxiety. Ronald became livid watching this other fellow enjoy himself. Ronald, the more skilled golfer, was trying so hard to play great golf while this stranger was having fun.
Eighty-five percent of my clients admit they are not enjoying themselves as much as theyd like. In addition, 80 percent of them feel they arent playing to their full talent level. They don't realize that enjoying yourself has nothing to do with your talent level. Its all about learning how to use your mind, body and emotions in such a way that having fun just comes natural. Learning to have fun first resolves numerous performance challenges. The trap is, If I play well, Ill have fun. The reality is, If you enjoy yourself first, youll influence how often you tend to play well.
Everyone defines fun differently, so lets take a look at your Fun Factor. Here are the directions. Copy and print the list below. Complete this at the end of your next round while everything is fresh. To the right of each item on your list, mark the percentage that reflects your level of happiness or satisfaction. Your total should equal 100%.

Overall Game (your general feeling about how well or poorly you play the game) %
Scoring Well (shooting the score you think you should shoot/Focusing on score)%
Playing with friends (Social Aspect)%
Beautiful Course Conditions (layout, style, etc.)%
Weather Conditions%
Course location/services/amenities%
Competitiveness (tournament play, intensity, etc.)%

By filling out the Fun Factor scorecard you will get an honest look at what drives your Fun Factor on the golf course.
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To Your Best Golf!
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