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Donald called me and complained that one of his biggest obstacles was the fact that he was too analytical on the golf course. This is a very common performance obstacle. Along with being too analytical, Donald and many other clients also describe their minds as run-on minds. Their minds are always working and constantly running on with analytical thoughts and questions, even at address position over the ball.
Does this sound familiar to you?
One of the first things I invite clients; and what I asked Donald to do, is to view themselves in Energetic Terms. This usually meets with a very quizzical response. Usually its What does that mean? This means to realize that the human body is a walking energy production and transfer mechanism. We have energy running through us all the time. Imagine Niagara Falls. When the water from the Falls is flowing naturally the flow is smooth and powerful. When the flow of water is blocked or impeded in some way; it is no longer natural and there is a backup which creates too much energy in one place and depletes energy in other places. The Falls is no longer a smooth powerful flow.
Your body operates the same way. A run-on mind is a run-on use of ENERGY! It not only uses up a lot of energy but it takes energy away from other parts of you such as your emotions and your physical body. The mind now becomes turbulent and the mental noise becomes an obstacle to performance. With all the noise how can the mind, body and emotions possibly be operating in a smooth and connected manner? They cannot. The result is over trying, increased muscle tension, heightened emotional stress and outcomes that are beneath your true talents.
When Donald heard this he said, Yep, thats exactly what happens to me but I never thought of it quite that way before.
I asked him to think back to those moments when he experienced what is commonly called the zone. Have you experienced it? What was it like?
He admitted that he wasnt over thinking or over trying at that time. I further added that the zone represents the smooth flow of energy in your body and the in synch connection between the mind, the body and the emotions. They are all connected and there is no getting around it. He began to realize how true this was but again said I never thought of it that way before.
A quiet mind is essential to peak level performances in anything. Clients have searched for years in an attempt to try tips that would help them stop thinking so much. Donald had tried tip after tip in an effort to attain a quiet mind as well. Over the years it worked at times but most of the time was not very effective.
In my opinion, it is essential to first understand the amazing performance principles and how they operate. They are very precise and very predictable. For many, the use of tips without this understanding is less effective.
Secondly, quieting the mind is a process. It takes a bit of time to practice the exercises and strategies that create a quieter mind. The mind is used to being noisy because weve literally practiced being noisy for quite some time. It took practice and rehearsal to make it that noisy so why wouldnt it take some practice and rehearsal to make it quiet? Those who are willing to do both the above find it worthwhile.
A quiet mind generates the following performance benefits:
1. Clearer thinking and decision making
2. Focused concentration
3. Calmer emotions
4. Emotions that are just the right intensity to get the job done
5. Marked reduction in the stress response
6. Muscles that are more loose and flexible
7. Smooth flow of energy throughout the mind, body and emotions
8. Sense of confidence/assuredness (coming from the INSIDE!)
Yes; these can all be the benefits of learning how to quiet the mind. It is something that anyone can learn to do and anyone can practice. As in the FlowZone approach there are just as many off-course exercises as there are on-course exercises. This is because When you develop confidence, discipline, focus or quiet mind concentration off the course they will show up on the course more easily.
How noisy is your mind?
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