Quieting The Noise - Part 1


As we approach this years US Open golf tournament at the Winged Foot Golf Club there will be a lot of extracurricular buzz about the event. News stories and television reports will focus in on the Winged Foot course, the meeting of the worlds greatest golfers and the return of its most celebrated member, Tiger Woods. In addition, Phil Mickelson is a favorite of the New York golf fans creating even more buzz about the event. There are a lot of distractions, travel, the difficulty of the golf course, media intervention, lights, cameras, fans, rumors and on and on it goes. Its a lot of noise to contend with and while its formidable, there is an even more formidable noise to contend with; its the noise inside our heads.
Eighty percent of my clients come into the FlowZone program with an awareness that there is a lot of chatter going on in their minds but say I dont know what to do about it. What they quickly discover is that this noise (the word I use to describe it) is a key factor in determining how well or how poorly they perform. Here is what some of the noise looks like:
  • Overthinking/Analyzing
    This occurs when you constantly focus on your mechanics. It also occurs when you think too much about shots to the point where you overanalyze and your body freezes as a result. Over thinking usually means a lack of trust. This is where the phrase paralysis by analysis comes from.
  • Refusal to let go of completed shots/results
    How often do you see players negatively affected well after a shot is completed? Even the pros have difficulty with this. The mind continues to analyze, criticize and judge well after the shot is finished causing a negative reaction physically and emotionally. This is one of the key skills that both the amateur and the pro can develop more fully
  • Self-Criticism
    The amount of noise created by self-criticism and judgment can be rather loud. This occurs when you create a running dialogue that focuses on labeling yourself (Im no good) followed by a severe judgment of yourself. Its a two punch combination that can have disastrous results.
    Now, I invite you to look at this noise from an energy perspective. Imagine how much mental energy is being used when your mind is in constant chatter! Its quite a large amount of energy being consumed. This poor use of energy then causes your emotions and your body to waste energy as well. This results in:
    1. Poor concentration

    2. Decrease in confidence

    3. Unnecessary physical tension which creates poor golf swings
    My clients have tried any number of things and are often frustrated at the results because they want it to happen right away. Most people do not achieve success by reading a book or an article. The truth is; quieting the mind takes proper practice and this is where the process breaks down. Think of it this way; youve practiced creating the noise for quite some time. In fact, youre very good at it because of the practice. Quieting the mind is not just a strategy; it is a practice that begins to shift your approach and overall mindset. You can make a shift in who you are and the way to play the game.
    Think back to a time when you were in the zone. Was it quiet or noisy? Im certain it was quieter. Quieting the mind is a catalyst toward recreating the zone state more consistently and this is where your greatness is. Think about it in terms of energy, a quiet mind automatically creates more calm energy flow throughout your entire body. This increased flow of calm energy creates more power, confidence and feel. Not bad for simply learning to be quiet isnt it?
    The FlowZone program creates success by teaching people to:
    • Learn how to breathe PROPERLY

    • Practice daily routines that discipline the mind to be open and focused

    • Understand the principles by which the mind, body and emotions are connected and how they influence your game at all times

    • Create a shift in overall way of BEing. This shift creates a larger sense of confidence and personal power.
    Champions have the ability to trigger a quiet mind.
    How noisy is your mind and what are you willing to do about it?
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