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Anything worthwhile is worth putting the effort in to achieve, isnt it? Everyone wants to improve their mental game but not everyone is willing to do the work to make it happen. When I polled pro and amateur golfers, 95% agreed that the mental game was very important yet less than 10% of them did any formal work on it. Many of them reported that they really didnt know how to get started. The people who didnt formally develop it were the ones who continued to under perform and play below their true capabilities. There is a lot of information out there in the form of articles, books, tapes and CDs. However, even the best information is of little use unless you do something with it. Here is one of my favorite quotes addressing this point:
'A truly good book teaches me better than to read it. I must soon lay it down, and commence living on its hint. What I began by reading, I must finish by acting.' - - Henry David Thoreau
I dont know if Thoreau played golf but he is right on the money. At some point you put the book down, stop listening to the tape or the CD and then what? Its a known reality in the book publishing industry that a small percentage of self help book buyers practice the exercises or even read the entire book. Whether its golf or some other area you want to improve upon; very little will happen if you dont act on what you learn. The essential question is:
Is what youre doing getting you what you want?
When I pose this question at clinics, presentations or to individual clients most respond with a no. I believe there are 2 standout reasons for this.
1. The Quick-Fix Mindset
2. Lack of awareness of the Cause and Effect Performance Principles
One of the reasons people arent getting what they want is the approach they are taking. The most common approach is to look for a quick-fix answer. Our society is caught up in a quick-fix mentality. After all, we see it everywhere. Quick fix promises, quick sound bytes on television, fast food, quick conversations and so on. Heres the problem with the quick-fix approach; it doesnt last very long for most people. Dont take my word for it; look at your own proof. Ask yourself how long the quick-fix tips youve tried (golf or non-golf related) have lasted. When I pose this question in presentations and with clients they usually begin laughing. Why? Because they already know their tips dont last that long. Their response is usually something like this, Not very longa few holes, a rounda week or two and so on. It is important to note that I am not suggesting that tips are not useful. They are. What I am suggesting is that they are not root cause solutions. They are more of what their name implies; quick fixes! Think of it this way. If you broke your arm, putting a band-aid on your elbow probably wouldnt be very helpful in healing your broken arm.
Having said the above the real irony here is that people do find quicker solutions to their performance challenges when they become aware of the cause and effect performance principles. Like anything else however, it takes a short time to learn and understand them. This builds a strong foundation to work from. As always; then they must be applied. Your current golf swing is a result of the time, effort and money youve put into it why wouldnt building a strong mental game be the same? Remember, I believe the mental game to be made up of the mind, body, emotions and spirit of a player. They are undeniably connected and are always influencing you and even a beautiful swing can be negatively affected by a poor use of the mind, emotions and spirit of a golfer. Develop all of them and you set yourself up to be your best. Once again; anything worthwhile must be practiced and monitored over time to see real results. When people take this kind of action; they are likely to see changes.
Honestly reflect on the following:
  • Is what youre doing getting you what you want?

  • Do you follow through on what you learn or do you try something for a short time and then give up on it; or just forget about it?

  • Do you generally look for quick-fix answers?

  • Do you try different tips to resolve the same issue with sporadic success?

  • Do you keep doing the same thing while expecting your results to change?

  • Are you ready to break these ineffective cycles and patterns?

To Your Best!
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