Reflections of 2005


We have come to the close of yet another year as winter bears down on those who live in the cold weather states. For some of you who live in more temperate climates, the golf season continues on while others put the clubs away for a time and practice indoors or when they travel to warmer climates.
Either way the end of the calendar year coincides with the end of the PGA Tour season as well. It is a time for players to stop and reflect. Will you use this time effectively? When I ask golfers if they reflect on their rounds, most of them say yes. However, most of the reflection is focused on the numbers part of the game (greens in regulation, # of putts, club selections, distances, etc.) Purposeful reflection is much broader than that. Self-Reflection is an integral part of the Wired To Win program because when you increase awareness you gain power, confidence and control over your game. Clients discover they take this practice for granted allowing valuable information to slip by without taking real notice. In the Wired To Win process we realize how important it is to ask direct questions and get honest answers because without them; forward progress tends to move more slowly; if at all. Your ability to be honest with yourself is your greatest gift to yourself. Ive written about this before and it bears repeating. One of the indisputable Performance Laws is:
'The more honest you are with yourself;
the quicker you get what you want.'

People hear this and may slough it off as no big deal but when you really look, you can see how true it is. The reality is: whatever we dont want to see or admit; we cannot change or improve upon. Its just that simple! Self-reflection is an act of self-honesty. When you are willing to tell yourself the truth you give yourself the opportunity to make the changes you want to make. When this happens; the changes tend to take place more rapidly. Ive witnessed it time and time again with clients who play golf at ALL levels. When they are honest with themselves, the shifts in confidence, consistency and focus begin to take place in ways they never thought would happen. Why? Because many people hold on to limiting or ineffective beliefs, attitudes and perceptions about themselves, golf, playing better golf, the best path to take to play better golf and so on. They quickly discover that these actually become obstacles to better golf (or improved performance in other areas as well). Some have never worked on their mental game, others have tried just about everything and some are so caught up in the science of psychology theyve become adept at intellectualizing everything (I know a lot about myself and peak performance but I still dont play my best!). This is all fine of course but when we get caught up in gaining more information rather than actually making changes; its not very effective! These clients soon find that the insights, performance laws and principles are so different from their old belief/expectation that they cut through it and are in position to make faster shifts. There is another saying I use often and it is:
'It all begins within!'

Many people look for the more external quick-fix tips (I realize its the more popular approach) to help them play better. Most people Ive worked with have tried many different quick-fixes and yet find the quick-fix tends to not last over time. Most people know they dont last from their own experience (hence the name quick-fix). Dont get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with quick-fix tips but they tend not to be longer term solutions and are more effective when applied after you understand how the laws and principles influence your game. You already have all the tools you need to play better. Its a matter of how you are using them. It all begins within.
Here are some Self-Reflection questions for your consideration. They are intended to get right to the truth about what is working for you and what is not, if one is willing to be honest with oneself. Remember, there are no wrong answers. Its not about making self-judgments and criticisms. Its only about discovering the truth about what is working for you and what is not. Thats all! Reflect on the past year:
1. Did your performance reflect the time/effort/money youve put into it?
2. On average, are you scoring better this year than in the past?
3. Do you thoroughly enjoy yourself no matter how you play?
4. Were you as consistent as you wanted to be?
5. Did you set any performance goals for 2005?
6. Which goals did you meet and which did you not meet?
7. Have you set any performance goals for 2006?
8. Do you continue to experience frustration over the same mistakes you make and if so, why and what are you doing about it? Is what youre doing working or not?
9. If you dont follow through on your goals (promises to yourself); why not?
10. Is whatever approach youre taking right now getting you what you want? Why not?
11. Are there specific things you know will improve your game (lessons, mental game work, fitness, diet, new clubs, etc.) yet youre not taking action on them? If so, why not?
12. Why do you believe youll play better next year than this year?
What do you discover when you answer these questions? Whatever it is, you have an opportunity to bring it out in the open, see it for what it is (remember no judgments!) and do something about it. Most of my clients truly believe they can play better golf right now but something still gets in the way. I believe this is true for most people. You do already have the performance tools within you and when they are being used properly you will be in position to play your best; whatever that is for you! What will you do?
Wishing you and your family a wonderful, safe, happy and prosperous holiday season and upcoming year! Well see you next year!
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