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How much of your game do you attribute to the mental aspect? Over the years Ive polled hundreds of golfers and over 90% believe a mental game is important yet less than 10% of them actually develop it on a formal basis.
Jenny, a 14 handicap called me and told me she thought the mental aspect of the game was very important and her way of working on it was to buy books, tapes and CDs. She also told me that shed be more inclined to spend money on new clubs than she would on her mental game. Bottom line; Jennys game has improved ever so slightly in the last 5 years because she continues to sabotage herself on the golf course.
While most people believe the mental aspect of the game is important they continue to look at it as a part of their game like a 7-iron is part of a full set of clubs. What would you say if I told you the mental game impacts you 100% of the time and is not part of your game, it IS your game?
Mark, a 5 handicap responded, That cannot be true. Managing the golf course and great mechanics are most important so the mental game cant be 100% of the game. Mark also reads a lot of books on the subject and even though hes already a solid golfer, he agrees he can play even better. He soon discovered that his game was influenced 100% of the time by what I call the mental game.
Looking For Solutions in the Wrong Place
I receive many emails and phone calls from golfers who want to improve yet continue to look for the solution to their performance challenges in an ineffective way for them. I want to be more focused and confident. I want to stop being nervous. I want to handle adversity better and enjoy myself more and I know I can play better than this! are some of the challenges they present. However, what they are looking for is a quick-fix tip to address their performance issues because thats the way theyve always approached it. What I find most interesting is that theyve already tried this approach with sporadic results yet continue to do the same thing even though they know from experience that its not the most effective way for them.
Barbara, a 17 handicap told me shes tried many different tips over the years and even describes herself as a tip junkie and when she contacted me she was looking for more of the same. Why would I give you more tips when you already know from experience they havent gotten you what you want? I asked. How long do they usually last? I continued. Well, truth be told, not that long she replied. I told her, 95% of my clients say exactly the same thing. Tips, in and of themselves arent bad but they dont go to the source. What if I suggested youre looking in the wrong place for the solutions you want?
Most clients are surprised by this question but what they discover is that there is a set of underlying performance laws and principles that are the source for their experiences outcomes. These are not based on a theory, tip or philosophy and are in effect for everyone. These are the solution and are the catalyst for what we think, feel and do. What Jenny, Mark and Barbara learned is that the mental game:
  • Is not part of their game it IS their game

  • Is made up of the mind, body and emotions

  • These 3 elements are always influencing their game

  • These 3 elements function via a set of undeniable laws and principles that produce outcomes for everyonewithout exception.

  • These laws are producing outcomes whether they agree, disagree or even acknowledge them
They discovered they could still experience quick results but now do it through the source rather than the band-aid approach theyd been spending time, money and energy on over the years.
To Your Best Golf!

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