Sending Mixed Messages


You send yourself messages all the time on and off the golf course. The things you think about and the words you say all have an impact on you mentally, physically and emotionally because of the amazing wiring system we all have. If you think I cant hit this shot youve sent that message to all the parts of yourself. If you think Im no good the wiring sends that message to yourself as well.
The program I deliver for athletes and business is called Wired To Win because it reflects the reality that the mind, body and emotions are connected through a wired communication system. This wiring connects these elements just like the cable that hooks you up to the internet. The cable is the medium that works constantly to keep us connected to the internet however, its just a vehicle that keeps the connection going. How we use the connection is up to us. The wiring inside us is also the vehicle that hooks us up and the information and messages we send are up to us as well.
Unfortunately, too often, instead of sending clear messages we send mixed messages causing us to feel doubt, lack confidence or to not enjoy ourselves as much as wed like to. For example, Try hard but relax is one form of a mixed message that has many golfers tied up in knots over the ball. Can you see how much of a mixed message this is? The command to try hard causes many golfers to tighten up and lose rhythm. Combine that with the message relax and now youve got two opposing messages waging a battle to be the winner.
Another common mixed message is, have fun but dont try so hard! This is something many junior golfers (and juniors in many other sports as well) hear quite a lot from coaches and parents. Cmon try harder out there is often followed by Just take it easy...dont try so hard! when the player struggles and begins to over try and become frustrated. Imagine the confusion this causes inside you. The mind is trying to process the commands youre giving it and send the messages through the system but there is a problem. The two opposing commands create a glitch in the messaging process. Which one does it choose, which one does it process? When faced with this situation the result is often neutral with no clear winner. This will always cause us to experience doubt, confusion and a lack of clarity and commitment.
You already have this tremendous wiring system all set up to produce results for you. Theres nothing you need to add to it. This is one of the basic principles in the Wired To Win approach and is one example of how the laws and principles operate in everyone at all times. When people see the reality of these laws they tend to make faster shifts toward improvement. The real question becomes: are you sending mixed messages or clear messages through the wiring?
Here are some helpful ways to discover this for yourself:
  • Pay close attention to what you say to yourself prior to hitting the to have this / relax or cmon focus, focus / take it easy slow down

  • Become aware of certain thoughts that seem to pop up out of habit and notice whether they create a mixed message or a clear message

  • Use a journal to record the kinds of mixed messages you may be sending yourself and write down how your play is affected
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