A Shark Tank


A Shark Tank?
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Todays article
OkI realize it is old news by now. Greg Norman, 53 year old successful business man, part time golfer and newlywed finished third in The Open.
Was it a Shark Tank or something else?
I am fascinated by the media and how many folks in it like to speculate and offer their judgments and criticisms. Ive heard mixed reviews on whether this was just Norman being Norman or whether his great showing was just thata great showing. What do you think? Was it another Shark Tank or a great performance in the bright light of an Open Championship?
I tend to view things from the perspective of the present moment rather than viewing through a lens that drags a lot of baggage forward. This lens tends to generate pre-conceived opinions which cause us to only look for certain things and of coursewe find them. Everyone knows (and so does Greg to be sure!) about his trials and tribulations in the past but the past is over and Greg Norman, now 53 is a very successful businessman who is newly married to Chris Evert and basically a part time golfer. Oh yes, it just so happened that he entered the final round of The Open playing in the last pairing of the day. The media is a funny animal and it is often a case of the media being the media. If Norman wins its a great story of comeback and redemption. If he doesnt, its yet another tale of The Shark Tank. Its easy to flip flop but why not see it for what it is right now without the blinders of the past casting a shadow?
I found it to be a wonderful story about perseverance, desire and the power of the human spirit to rise to great heights. Do I think some old negative thoughts trickled into Normans mind echoing his past trials? Maybe, but that wouldnt be surprising at all would it? Greg is the only one who knows that for certain and even if some of those thoughts did pop up, his play over the four days was inspiring. Did his new marriage have an effect? Why wouldnt it? Norman seemed happier and content. If youve ever been in love you already know how high that can lift your spirits and when spirits are liftedanything is possible.
While the media might focus on the highlights of his lowlights earlier in his playing career, I found the Greg Norman story to be a story of now. Now is what matters. He played golf this past weekend and for most of the four days he was brilliant. For many golf fans, that will be the memory. It is for me.
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