Sharpening Your Game When Seasons Change


The summer has ended and fall is coming to a close and now for many golfers rests a challenge: How do I stay sharp when I dont get as much playing time?
The change of seasons can really hamper the number of rounds of golf you play or may wipe them out completely depending on where you live. Even though you are not playing as many rounds as you might during the better weather, you can still keep your mental game and physical game sharp and productive.
Here are some ideas to consider and to practice whether you actually have the opportunity to play a round of golf or not.
The power of visualization cannot be overestimated. Visualization is truly a mental rehearsal of your performance and has the ability to affect your nervous system and your subconscious mind. By practicing visualization you are imbedding the positive pictures and feelings that produce your best play. There have been studies using basketball players for example. One group practiced shooting free throws and the other visualized shooting free throws. The group who only visualized free throws shot the same or better free throw percentages as the group who practiced free throws. Take advantage of this powerful tool you have at your fingertips
Many golfers swing the golf club at home or in the office or any chance they get! You can use this as an opportunity to practice repeating the rhythm that works best for you. Dont just swing the club but do it with a purpose. Each swing can be a repetition of the actual swing rhythm you want on the course. You can use numbers to dictate the rhythm or music. Find the music that matches your personal swing rhythm and practice the golf swing so that it matches that rhythm time after time. When you do go and hit balls you will find that your body has been trained to repeat that rhythm more often
Many golfers get out to the driving range even in the dead of winter. There are many driving ranges now that are set up for cold weather play so we can continue to hit balls. This is another great way to keep sharp physically and mentally and keep your rhythm at a high level.
Even though youre not playing as many rounds as youd like it is important to keep your body flexible. Find a stretching routine that works for you and practice it every day to keep your body relaxed and flexible in the off season. This can help you start off the next golf season more quickly.
Opening and relaxing the body is good for your game at anytime! Continue stretching and breathing exercises over the off season as this helps you maintain a fluid and rhythmical golf swing. Again, the more relaxed you are, the more energy flows and the more power you give to your golf swing. By practicing this in your down time this helps you hit the ground running when you do begin to play again. The more tension you reduce; the better you play.
Give yourself the best opportunity to maximize your game!
For those of you who celebrate Thanksgivinga wish for a safe, happy and healthy day!
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